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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1265

Ivy had always been a cute little girl.

She's used to the praise, but this was her first time being complimented in such a way.

"Thanks," she replied sweetly, "You're pretty too."

Strictly speaking, Molly has never really hung out with kids her age.

As far as she can remember, she's always been on the run, or on the way to it.

She's had a taste of the normal life.

But there, she's only met some old folks, and a bunch of boozers, no kids.

"Molly will be going to school here too," Rosalynn gently told Ivy, "Look out for her, will ya?"

"No problem!" Ivy patted her chest confidently.

Molly just looked at her, not saying a word.

Seeing this, Rosalynn didn't push them to interact.

She held Ivy's hand, noticing the pencil smudges all over it.

In the past, Ivy's pencils were always sharpened by Calvin or Laura and she'd take them to school.

But recently, Ivy felt that wasn't right.

She wanted to do her own thing, so she started sharpening her own pencils.

But now, her tiny hands were always smudged with pencil lead.

Rosalynn took out a wet wipe and gently cleaned her hands, "What were you talking to Liam about?"

"I wanted Liam to come over to my house, but he said he was busy," Ivy sighed, "Mom, is Liam poor? I heard the principal say he's tutoring instead of studying properly. But isn't tutoring a grown-up's job?"

"Not necessarily," Rosalynn stroked her face, "Anyone who's really good can tutor."

Ivy nodded, not quite understanding.

"Mom, can Liam tutor me?" her eyes lit up, "Then he can come to our house and make some money!"

Rosalynn laughed, "Liam is strict, aren't you scared?"

Ivy puffed out her chest confidently, "I'm not some scaredy-cat. If I do well, he won't be mean to me!"

Molly, standing behind Rosalynn, tilted her head, watching the scene unfold as if observing a curious creature.


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