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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1269

When Rosalynn and Wayne woke up, Ivy was already up in the greenhouse, had done her rounds, and picked some ripe fruits and veggies.

She had even taken a bath and changed into clean clothes.

"Ivy, it’s freezing out there, with dew and frost on the ground in the morning. If you catch a cold from rolling around out there, what then? You can't keep doing this!"

Laura poured her some hot milk. Rosalynn heard her nagging as soon as she came downstairs.

Over the past half a year, Ivy had grown significantly taller and her physical strength was also surprisingly good.


Seeing Rosalynn coming down, Ivy immediately ran towards her, opened her arms and embraced her, "Did you sleep well?"

"Very well," Rosalynn smiled, "Did you have fun with Max?"

"Yep!" Ivy nodded joyfully, "School is such a drag, I can't take care of the greenhouse or Max. He really misses me!"

After that, Ivy joined her mommy and Wayne for breakfast.

At the same time, she reported on the plan she had made for the winter vacation last night.

After listening, Rosalynn felt that her daughter had a lot on her plate.

Of course, the most important thing was the plan for the New Year.

When she reported, she would also seriously ask for mommy's opinion and discuss it with her.

If there was anything unreasonable, she would immediately change it.

Watching this, Wayne found the originally dull breakfast very exciting.


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