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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1268

Rosalynn subconsciously looked back at Molly as she got out of the car's backseat.

Molly didn't look at her; she politely bowed and said, "Madam, I'm going back."

"Very well. Study hard."


After speaking, Molly walked towards the bodyguard residence.

"What are you doing?" Rosalynn turned around, pinching Wayne's cheek, speechless. "Can't you have a less intimidating expression?"

Wayne held her hand. "We were delayed by more than ten minutes. It's normal to be concerned."

"Didn't you already evaluate her?" Rosalynn sighed in frustration. "She appears different from other children due to her upbringing and high intelligence, but she doesn't have antisocial personality."

"I understand," Wayne nodded.

"You're truly peculiar," Rosalynn embraced his waist. "You have several bodyguards around you, who have failed to assassinate you, and yet you're not afraid of them. Instead, you worry about a little child."

Wayne looked at his wife.

With a hint of helplessness, he said, "Maybe becoming a father has made me more fragile?"

Rosalynn laughed. "Don't give me that!"

Wayne also started to laugh along with her.

After the final exams, Ivy and Cory had their first winter vacation in life.

For Cory, the holiday didn't make much difference.

He was just studying in a different place.

But for Ivy, it was different.

She was like a wild horse that had broken free, the harsh outside weather couldn't stop her from playing outdoors.

Max was now a healthy, good dog.

Rosalynn woke up, wrapped in a blanket, walked to the French window and saw Max running on the grass with Ivy, his mouth wide open and tongue out.


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