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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1273

The meeting was a bit of a brawl, but surprisingly, it ended up running pretty smoothly.

Sean thought for sure they'd need at least two more meetings to settle this whopper of a contract.

After all, any concession made in the face of a big fat investment means big bucks.

But against all odds, Annie agreed to the contract when there was plenty more room for negotiation.

Sean still couldn’t believe it when all three of them inked the contract.

"It's still early. I've waited so long to finally meet Gabriella. How about we grab a quick bite?" Annie delicately placed her diamond-studded pen back into a velvet box, handed it to her assistant, then popped the question.

Wayne looked to Rosalynn for her opinion.

Rosalynn answered with a smile, "You've come a long way, Ms. Annie. We should definitely show you some hospitality."

"Great. You sort out the restaurant, I'll head back to the hotel to slip into something more comfortable, then I'll meet you guys at the restaurant."

"Sounds good," Rosalynn nodded.

Annie then took her team and left the Bane Corp Center.

Wayne's gaze never left his wife.

After Annie left, Rosalynn seemed to relax a bit.

She was initially worried that her presence might ruffle the feathers of the Rosso family’s delegation.

But it seems that at least Annie doesn’t have a beef with her.

"Secretary Tesdal, you're freakin' amazing!!"

Sean stood up and started clapping for Rosalynn.

Others joined in.


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