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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1274

"Ah..." Rosalynn blinked in realization, "Yeah, there was something like that."

"Honey, you don't like the Rosso family, do you? Don't want to work with them?" Wayne noticed her sigh of relief.

"Well..." Rosalynn pondered a bit before confessing, "You remember when I was sick, right? We had to shut down the business."

Back then, the team wasn't ready to take the reins.

Wayne was taken aback.

Then he hugged Rosalynn tightly, "Promise me you won't get sick again!"

Rosalynn thought he was being childish.

But she could feel his genuine fear.

"Yeah, I won't get sick again," she patted Wayne's back, "Put me down, I need to pick a restaurant."

"Pick any place, those guys are out to get you..." Wayne still felt uncomfortable recalling how they targeted her.

Suddenly, footsteps echoed outside, followed by a knock on the door.

Then, Sean's voice rang out, "President Silverman, we have a situation!"

When Wayne and Rosalynn rushed to the garage, they noticed a large blood stain on the floor.

Several members of the Rosso family stood there, some looked horrified, others were frantically making phone calls.

"Ms. Annie was just attacked here," Sean pointed to the blood-soaked spot, "It seems she was stabbed in the abdomen..."

As he was speaking, a man from the Rosso family stormed over in a rage.


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