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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1288

This item was almost identical to the one that had been with her since childhood and losing it had really bummed her out.

Felix looked at Molly and felt that his gratitude towards Rosalynn was beyond words.

He originally came to kill her child, but in the end, not only did she not punish him, but she also helped him save Molly from danger.

From now on, Molly will lead a normal schoolgirl's life.

Her smart little brain would be filled with thoughts about how to solve the day's problems, how to spell that word, and how to interpret that sentence.

He wouldn't have to worry about where to hide today, afraid that passersby were the organization's spies, or how to escape faster.

"Molly, sweetheart, Daddy will work hard from now on. Once we've saved enough money, we'll buy the house you like, and we'll have our own home!" Felix stroked Molly's head, choking back his words.

Molly looked at him, "You want to buy a house?"

She still had a lot of money, which she didn't need to pay back to Rosalynn. And she also didn't need it.

"Houses can be bought, but I still like living here." Molly continued.

Felix was taken aback, "You like this kind of mansion?"

"Mansion?" Molly shook her head, "If I don't live here, how can I protect Rosalynn's child at all times?"

Felix was stunned again, "Don't you know, those two kids are very fragile. Ivy seems a bit slow. The first time we met, she had already decided I was her friend."

Molly was a bit serious, "Father, you said it yourself that people who easily trust others are more likely to fall into danger."

Felix said, "Molly, they have a lot of people protecting them. They don't need you. You just study hard; Daddy will protect them!"

"I can too." Molly was very firm.


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