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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1287

The test results were already out on the same day.

Molly passed the entrance exam with flying colors, which was not a surprise to anyone.

The teacher was thrilled and saw her and Rosalynn Tesdal off. "She's a smart cookie. She should look up to Cory Jared and aim to be at the top of the class. And she should also help Ivy Jared improve!"

Molly nodded in agreement.

"You'll receive a notification in a few days; just be sure to show up on time for the next term!"

"Thank you, teacher." Rosalynn replied politely.

"That's my job. Liam was tutoring Ivy today, wasn't he?"

"Yes." Rosalynn nodded, "Cory just told me that Liam's teaching was really good and Ivy was studying seriously."

"That's great! The kids in the class all like asking Liam for help. They say it's even better than asking the teacher!"

"Hearing you say that, I can't wait even more. My Ivy is determined to be in the top 100 next term."

"Good for her, that's the spirit!" The teacher praised her immediately upon hearing this.

There were more than a few rich kids in the school.

But some kids, just because they came from well-to-do families, acted like they were above the law.

Ivy once made cry was a case in point.

So when the teacher met a wealthy kid who was ambitious, she was really pleased.

After leaving the school, they returned to Moonlit Lake.

Molly couldn't wait to dash back and tell Felix she had passed the entrance exam.

Upon hearing that Molly had been accepted, everyone in the room cheered instantly.


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