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The Soldier's Unsurpassable Honor novel Chapter 692

Fane could not even believe that a gamble was at stake. He said, "Of course, as to how much we should bet, why don't you suggest it, since it’s all your idea.”

Kelly heard and laughed cooly. He said, " Good, then I won't quote such a high price-i n case you lose, you can't say that I am bullying you and you can't pay up! Since you still have a couple of millions, let's bet ten million per round?"

'Ten million per round? Isn't that too much? If we lose a few rounds, then what d o we do? We still need money for our daughter's wedding dinner!”

Fiona heard this and got a shock of her life.

"Yeah, that's a bit much, Kelly. It's not good to gamble such a large amount. Let’s just d o a hundred thousand per round." Joan was so shocked that she had stood up by the table and quipped.

"Ha, ha, aunty, why are you even joking around? How will ten million even hurt m e? Ten million isn’t even appropriate for someone of my status."

Kelly laughed cooly and said, "Don’t forget, it's your son who asked me to pick the sum. A hundred thousand is way too little. What if someone loses a limb or an eye in the fight? That’s not a small matter. How can you ask for only a hundred thousand?"

"Ha, ha, Kelly, you want to beat my ladies to death?"

Fane laughed. He was not stupid and he was able to read between the lines.

"Oh no, don’t misunderstand me. I’m just saying that this is a match of great warriors. It's not unheard of to die in fights, is it not?"

Kelly laughed and looked at Fane. He continued, "Don't tell me you have no faith i n your beautiful bodyguards?”

"You're right. These matches should not be taken lightly. Everyone, just try your best then.”


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