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The Soldier's Unsurpassable Honor novel Chapter 693

#The nine bodyguards arrived at the Taylor family hall very swiftly.

"Since we’re done with our meal, let's go! Let’s see whose bodyguards are better." Seeing that everyone was done with their meal, the head of the Gold family stood up and said.

"Ha, ha, dad, just look at these ladies. They all have such supple and smooth skin, beautiful and fair long legs. How can they compare to our family bodyguards?”

Kelly looked at Orchid and the group and furrowed his brow. He said, "That's weird. Why are there only nine? I thought you had ten bodyguards?"

Orchid looked at Kelly and said cooly," Elaine went to take care of Ben, that’s why there are only nine of us.

"Ah what a shame, well looks like we're missing out on ten million!" Kelly said breathily.

"Ten million?" Orchid and her group looked perplexed.

Fane walked before them and said, "Mister Gold doesn't look highly upon you ladies. H e thinks you're all just pretty faces and I've hired you to wait on me. I think you should make him swallow his words!"

Fane said, “When the time comes, show him what you've got. They don’t plan to go soft on you, so you shouldn't as well. Beat them to death if you wish."

“Got it!"


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