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The Soldier's Unsurpassable Honor novel Chapter 694


Fiona was really angry, but she held herself back as she considered Gold's background. She retreated, fuming.

Fane did not say much. He looked at Orchid and the ladies and smiled, "All the best, I’ll buy you guys a meal when you win tomorrow."

"Really? That will be amazing, thanks boss!" Orchid and the ladies smiled.

One of the ladies walked in front and jostled her fists at the men. “Who first?"

"Ha, ha, let me go at it! I love this scene. What a nice body figure you have, good breasts and bum." A tan man laughed and walked forward. He almost salivated," Pretty girl, you're going to be begging for your life later. If you beg for your life and I don’t kill you, how will you repay me? After all, I am a man who treats women right."

The lady looked at him and smiled cooly," Well, you can also beg me for your life. If you beg, I won’t kill you."

"Max, you better win this okay? I am betting ten million on each of you!" Kelly reminded the men from the sidelines.

’’Don't worry, its just a few women, how can this be difficult...”

The man had a solid and large build. He took a big step forward and tried to grab the girls. At this moment, the woman initiated a few kicks. It happened so fast, she kicked him twice.

Max did not expect the woman to be so light-footed. Her strength was beyond his expectations. After experiencing two consecutive kicks, he could not stand straight and almost fell. He took a few steps back.

At this moment, the woman jumped and landed a fist on his face.


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