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The Soldier's Unsurpassable Honor novel Chapter 696

In the beginning, Fane's bodyguards did not have any murderous intent. They just wanted their opponents to lose. However, a s they felt the rage coming from their opponents, they, too felt a similar rage to annihilate them.

'This man dares to kill me", she thought, “I will have no mercy.'

Nero ran toward her with both fists clenched, he threw two consecutive punches with a left jab and right hook, giving off a roar as he faced her.

The lady's posture straightened and she dodged her opponent. She kicked her left leg and dodged to her right, making a sudden jump onto the back of the man.

Her thighs gripped the shoulders of her opponent and she had his head in a deadlock. She twisted his head.


A crisp sound rang. The Gold family bodyguard's neck snapped.

She jumped down from his body. The eyes o f the man still looked surprised as he fell o n to the floor, splashing the mud and soil around.


A Gold family bodyguard witnessed the scene as his eyes welled up in tears. He never imagined his good buddy would face such a fate.

"Ha, ha, Mister Gold. I am sorry to say that I've won another round." Fane laughed and looked at Kelly.

Kelly's expression soured. He began to grind his teeth and said, "Did you bring out the best fighters first? My best fighters are yet to come.”

Fane smiled bitterly and said, “To be honest, I don’t really know what they are all capable of because it's my first time witnessing them in battle. However, I believe their skills are all really not bad."

"Hmph, let’s go for round three!”


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