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The Soldier's Unsurpassable Honor novel Chapter 697

This time, the Gold family presented a man who was two meters tall. His strength would definitely surpass the two men before him.

Even then, after two to three minutes of battle, the Taylor family bodyguards managed to kill him off.

"We've won three rounds. I'm afraid we might win all ten rounds."

Fane looked at Cecilia Taylor and said, “ Cecilia, you haven't married into their family. You should still be part of the Taylor family right?"

Cecilia did not quite get what Fane was trying to imply by that question. She batted him an eye and said, "Nonsense, of course, I am part of the Taylor family." "Then, do you wish for the Taylor or the Gold family to win?" Fane suddenly asked with a laugh.

The corners of Cecilia's mouth twitched slightly. She thought that Fane was a little punk trying to make her life difficult by asking this question. She was in between a rock and a hard place now-whichever answer would get her into trouble.

"Ha, ha, I wouldn’t know the answer to these things. I think it is so hard to tell who is going to win." Cecilia laughed flippantly and gave a non-answer.

"Who’s next?"

Round four was about to begin. A Taylor family bodyguard volunteered herself.

"I'll do it!” A tall and thin Gold family bodyguard walked in front and said angrily, "We've lost two men. Pretty girl, I will annihilate you and avenge my brothers." "Ha, ha, I don't think you're capable." The female bodyguard laughed at her opponent.

Very soon, the battle began. Moments later, the Gold family bodyguard was also killed b y the Taylor family bodyguard.


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