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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 627

The doctor found it hard to deliver the news as he saw Rainie's anxious expression.

Denver quickly stepped forward and asked, "Doctor, what's going on? We need to know."

"There is a way to recover her voice, but our town lacks the medical technology for the surgery. We would advise you to send her overseas. Plus, the child she brought with her was very apprehensive about us getting near him. Autism is really difficult to treat and requires family members to be involved. Now that his mother is in such a state, I think the most important thing now is to treat her first. The child would have to wait."

Hearing the doctor's words, Rainie said anxiously, "The child is only four years old. If his autism isn't treated, it will affect his future. He used to be very active and lively."

"I'm sorry but we have no choice. To be honest, Miss Blu, we're in a small town after all, not a big city, so..."

"Alright, I get it. Doctor, please treat them however you can. The Blu family will arrange the surgery."

Rainie was stunned by Denver's words.

"The Blu family will arrange it?"

Denver patted Rainie on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Rainie, our family is capable of a lot of things. Really, don't see yourself as an outsider. I've already told you, those who are important to you are important to me, and your friend is my friend too. Since she did you a huge favor in the past, our family will take care of her. Now, let's treat her wounds first. As for her voice, I will ask dad to look for a specialist from overseas."


Rainie's eyes shone with a glimmer of hope.

"Look at you. What do you mean by that? Don't worry and leave it all to me. If you want to stay and take care of her, I won't get in your way, but you'll have to eat first."

After that, Denver handed Rainie the lunchbox in his hand.

This time, Rainie didn't push it away. She was willing to do anything it took for Mango to recover.

Seeing that Rainie had started to eat, although she ate it hurriedly, as if she just swallowed without tasting them, Denver still smiled widely and said, "If you need anything, such as vitamins or supplements, give me a call any time and I'll ask the butler to arrange someone to do it."

Rainie nodded obediently.

Denver was still a little worried and said, "Do you still remember my number?"

"It's saved in my phone."

At first, Rainie hadn't intended to remember his number, but Denver saved it in her phone himself.

Denver smiled and said, "Okay, I'll go back first and ask dad to look for a specialist. Make sure you don't tire yourself out. If you really can't do it yourself, I'll find a nurse to help you keep watch at night."

"No, I want to be alone with her."

Rainie didn't know what Mango had gone through, but right now, all she wanted was to stay by her side.

After seeing how badly Mango had been hurt, Rainie had wanted to ask Genevieve for help. However, once she went to her, Noah would definitely know about it. Once Noah found out, Nathaniel would know as well. After that, Nathaniel would surely come looking for her, and she wanted him to be as far away from Mango as possible.

Then, Rainie helped the doctor bring Mango back to the ward. Wisdom also followed and glanced briefly at Rainie. He was not apprehensive with her, which made Rainie a little happy inside.

"Wisdom, what do you want to eat? Look, Auntie Blu left this for you."

Rainie placed the dish that she specially saved for Wisdom in front of him.

Wisdom looked at it for a moment, then picked up a piece and brought it to Mango's mouth. It seemed that he had hoped that she would eat it.

Seeing this, Rainie's heart ached terribly.

She said softly, "Wisdom, be a good boy. Mommy hasn't woken up, so she can't eat that yet."

After that, Wisdom immediately put the piece he had picked up back to the lunchbox and covered the lid tightly. It seemed that he had wanted to keep it warm.

Rainie looked at him and asked, "You want to wait for mommy to wake up and let her eat first, don't you?"

Wisdom nodded lightly at this.

Rainie couldn't help but ache for the child in front of her.

"Your mommy isn't allowed to eat this. She is injured and sick right now, so she can only eat light and bland food. You're such a good boy, so go ahead and eat it. When your mommy wakes up, I will find someone to cook for her. You don't have to worry anymore. Auntie Blu will protect you and your mommy. Don't worry."

Then, Rainie handed the dish again to Wisdom.

This time, Wisdom only paused for a moment before picking up a piece and started to eat it. He must be starving, as he ate in quite a hurry.

Rainie got someone to buy a set of clean clothes for Wisdom to change into. She had prepared a set of clothes for Mango too. However, the doctor did not allow her to wear them.

Mango didn't know how long she has been unconscious. When she opened her eyes once again, she was greeted with a white ceiling and bright fluorescent lights, followed by the sharp smell of antiseptic.

She knew immediately that someone had saved her!

"Mango, you're awake?"

Meanwhile, Rainie quickly came forward and asked.

Mango looked at the familiar face in front of her, and the only thing different about Rainie was her worry-filled eyes. Her heart sank deeply at the sight of this.

When Rainie saw Mango's calm and unsurprised reaction, she couldn't help but ask, "Don't tell me that fever made you lose your mind? Or have you lost your memory?"

When Mango saw how wild her imagination was, she couldn't help but reach out and pat the back of

Rainie's hand, telling her that she was fine.

Rainie couldn't help but burst into tears when she saw Mango like this.

"Tell me, is Nathaniel responsible for this? He is, isn't he? If that's the case, I'm gonna kill him."

Rainie's agitation reminded Mango of what she had gone through.

Rainie must have known about her injuries by now, right?

Where was she going to start explaining?

With these mixed emotions, she shook her head lightly.

"Alright, let's not talk about that now. I haven't told anyone that you're here with me. If you want to look for Nathaniel, I'll call Thomas. If you don't want to see him, just stay here. I will protect you. I promise that even Thomas won't know a thing."


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