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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 629

"Mr. Song, what if the applicant refuses?"

His staff's question made Thomas's heart skip a beat.

That was right, if Mango really wanted to hide from them, she wouldn't agree easily.

"Then track their IP address."

This was the best idea Thomas could come up with. He really couldn't bear to see Nathaniel abusing himself anymore.

His staff went to perform the task immediately.

Then, Thomas quickly packed up and drove to The Ye's Mansion.

Ever since the passing of Madam Ye and Mango and her two sons were sent away, The Ye's Mansion had become like a ghost town. If it weren't for Rita still being around, there wouldn't be a single trace of life left in this place.

Soon after Thomas had reached the mansion, he wasn't in the mood to answer the bodyguards that greeted him and went straight to Nathaniel's room.

The room was filled with the smell of nicotine.

Nathaniel slouched on the floor and smoked without bothering to open any of the windows. Cigarette butts had already piled up several ashtrays beside him. The heavy smell of cigarettes had seeped into every corner of the room, and the smoke buried Nathaniel entirely, making it difficult to see his face.

Nathaniel had been like this since the day Mango left him.

"Mr. Ye."

Thomas called out to Nathaniel but he didn't respond.

Then, he took a step forward, took away the cigarette from Nathaniel's hand, and put it out.

"Mr. Ye, you have to stop. Your body won't be able to take it."

"Does anyone still care? Will she care?"

Nathaniel's voice was hoarse and rough, as if it weren't his voice anymore.

Thomas felt sad at the sight of him like this. He whispered, "There was an application that came in today. The details looked very much like Mrs. Ye. I have already asked someone to go check it out. If there is any news, I will let you know immediately. Mr. Ye, I believe she will come back."

However, Nathaniel didn't have much of a reaction.

He stared at the pillow and sheets blankly, not saying a word.

Thomas looked at them and said with a sigh, "Mr. Ye, you haven't slept in the bed for days. You are always sleeping on the floor, and your body can't stand it anymore."

As he said that, he intended to tidy up the bed, but he was stopped by Nathaniel.

"Don't touch that. That's Mango's bed. She likes to sleep a lot. There's still her scent left on it, and that's all she left for me."

Nathaniel's sad tone made Thomas feel like crying.

"Mr. Ye, I'm serious. The applicant's name is Katherine, and she's lived in the U.S. for five years and has a band eight in English. All her details are similar to your wife."

Nathaniel's entire body went rigid.


"I've already asked someone to investigate. There will be news soon."

"I'll just do it myself. Give me that person's IP address."

As he said that, Nathaniel stood up abruptly and rushed into the study in a flurry.

Thomas saw him running barefoot outside and thought of reminding him about it.

"Come on, give me the IP address!"

Nathaniel was so anxious that his face flushed.

At this, Thomas immediately called his staff and asked for Mango's IP address.

When the IP address was sent, Nathaniel felt every hair on his body stand on end.

It had to be Mango, right?

It must be.

God wouldn't be so cruel to him, right?

He quickly searched Mango's IP address, and found that it was in Estania.

"Estania? Quick, check which district it's in and which area it belongs to."

Nathaniel couldn't hold in his excitement.

Thomas didn't waste another second and began to investigate quickly, but when he saw the results, he was perplexed.

"Mr. Ye, it's the Blu family."

"Where?" Nathaniel asked.

"The Blu family of Estania. This IP address is theirs."

Just then, one of his staff called.

"Mr. Song, the applicant provided a bank account.

I checked it out, and it belongs to a man called Denver Blu."

Thomas had answered the call in speaker mode, so Nathaniel heard it loud and clear.

"Denver Blu, the son of the Blu family. He studied in the United States for five years, and his English band level is eight.

Nathaniel remembered Denver. After all, he still needed to know a little on the children of those wealthy families. And Denver Blu of the Blu family in Estania was a talented one too.

Upon hearing this, Thomas was a little disappointed, but he knew that Nathaniel was even more disappointed than he was.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Ye. I thought it was Mrs. Ye. After all, her name is Katherine too."

"Many people are named Katherine in the U.S.

Nathaniel felt as if all his strength had been drained away.

Just now, he really thought that he had found Mango.

Thomas asked in confusion, "But why did the son of the Blu family pretend to be a woman and pick up a translator job online? It makes no sense." "Mango doesn't have any means or reasons to know Denver Blu. Besides, I heard that he likes to go anonymous now and then. Perhaps it is a habit of his."

Then, Nathaniel pushed the computer aside and got up to go back into the bedroom.

On his way there, Nathaniel bumped into Rita in the corridor.

Rita held the doll in her arms tightly as she stood in the middle of the corridor. She looked at Nathaniel quietly. On the other hand, he dared not look at her big doe eyes.

"Rita, why are you here? Why aren't you in kindergarten?"


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