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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 630

"What's wrong? What happened?"

Denver asked worriedly when he saw Mango's pale face after she had checked the transactions on the bank account.

Mango gestured and said, "The company hasn't paid me my salary yet."

"Why not?"

"I'm not sure."

Today was the day she would be paid, but the amount n Mango's account was zero.

After a month of effort, Wisdom's situation has improved a lot. Mango had planned to bring Wisdom to a specialist after she was paid this month.

Wisdom was a good kid, and she really didn't want him to stay like this forever. But today, she hadn't received any money in her account. What was going on?

Later, Mango turned on her laptop and asked the supervisor about this matter.

The supervisor's answer was that there were some issues regarding the amount, so the company did not pay her yet. The supervisor asked Mango to bring this month's record of her work to the company so that they can check the amount, and then they would pay her salary in cash.

Mango felt that something wasn't quite right.

How could a company this big make such a mistake?

But if she didn't go, she wouldn't get paid.

Although she didn't earn as much as she did in the past, it was still the result of her hard work and a good start to her and Wisdom's new lives.

She was too embarrassed to continue living off the Blu family without contributing anything.

As he learned about the situation, Denver frowned and said, "How could this happen? This seems fishy to me. Mango, you can't go there on your own. Wait for me. I'll bring the car around and take you there. If they plan to bully you, I'll be there to teach them a lesson."

Mango immediately smiled at this.

Denver was indeed a warm and caring guy.

After knowing him for a month, Mango had begun to envy Rainie for having such an amazing younger brother.

Meanwhile, Rainie leaned against the door frame and scoffed, "Hey, why do I feel you're more like his sister than I am?" "Sis, don't be jealous. I'll buy you a treat later."

Denver wiggled his eyebrows at Rainie playfully, with a smirk on his face.

"Sheesh, don't do that to me, save it for the gawking ladies out there."

Rainie and Denver continued to bicker with each other. Mango couldn't help but feel a little sad when she saw the two of them like this.

She had once dreamed of spending the rest of her life with Nathaniel like this.

Why did she think of him again?

Hadn't she decided to put him behind her?

Mango suddenly realized that it was really difficult to forget the person she loved.

When Denver and Rainie saw that Mango was staring into space again, they both shook their heads at the same time.

"Mango, go get ready. I'll take you to the office."

Denver patted Mango's shoulder, bringing her back to her senses abruptly.

She nodded and found the records of her work for this month.

Later, Rainie found a set of smart-looking clothes for Mango to change into.

Mango told Wisdom that she needed to head out and told him to behave. Wisdom nodded his head obediently.

Then, Denver drove Mango to the Pixelpoly Group.

Mango felt that everything was unreal as she looked at the tall buildings in front of her.

She used to be someone with power in a building like this, but now, she was at the bottom of the food chain.

No matter what, she would try her best to get back to her original position and provide the best for Wisdom.

Denver noticed the unidentified emotion that flashed across Mango's eyes. He felt that Mango was a person who had gone through a lot, and it made him want to know her story.

Mango sensed that a pair of eyes had focused intently on her. She turned her head to meet Denver's gaze.

Denver was immediately flustered as he was caught red-handed. His face had reddened all the way down to his neck, which made Mango chuckle at his silly expression.

"Ahem, urn... Mango, let's go in."

Denver had embarrassed himself, so he quickly moved ahead to hide his face.

Meanwhile, Mango lagged behind with an easy smile on her face.

It would be nice if she had a younger brother like him, right?

Mango and Denver walked in together, but Denver checked now and then if Mango was following him. However, he discovered that Mango hadn't seemed nervous at all upon entering the building. There was a slight change in her aura, and he couldn't help but steal a few more glances at her.

Suddenly, the woman at the front desk stopped them.

"May I ask who are you looking for?"

Denver took out the records and threw them on the front desk. He then said, "We're looking for the supervisor in charge of this."

The receptionist gave it a look and quickly called the supervisor.

"The supervisor has asked you to go right up. Take the lift to the 12th floor. It's the first office after taking a right."

"Thank you, beautiful."

Denver smiled brightly. After he took the documents, he pulled Mango into the lift.

Mango's hands were very soft and fragile, like a bird's feathers.

Denver liked to hold Mango's hand without reason. It made him feel comfortable.


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