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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 632

Nathaniel felt as if every fiber in his body had lost control as they panicked along with him.

He hoped so much that Mango would recognize him. He even wanted to reunite with her on the spot and bring her home. However, what Madam Ye had done to her and Madam Hans' death had caused Nathaniel's confidence to shrink, and he didn't want to alarm Mango.

If Mango left again this time, would he still be able to find her?

Nathaniel didn't know the answer.

As seconds passed, he could feel Mango walking towards him, closing the gap between them. She was getting so near that he could feel her heartbeat.

Nathaniel took a deep breath and tried his best to suppress his emotions of wanting to reunite with Mango. Then, he stood up abruptly, careful to not face her and left some money on the counter before leaving without raising his head.

Mango was only a few steps away from Nathaniel, but he had suddenly stood up and left.

Looking at Nathaniel's back as he left, she had really wanted to rush up to him. However, it was just a thought in her mind as her legs stayed in place, heavy as lead.

"Mango, do you know him?"

Coming up from behind, Denver asked curiously.

Mango shook her head.

It couldn't be Nathaniel!

Then, she turned and walked towards the car absent-mindedly.

Seeing her like this, Denver didn't dare ask about it further. He quickly followed and got into the car with Mango.

Soon, they reached the Blu family's house.

When Rainie saw them, she asked quickly, "Where have you two been?"

"We went to Pixelpoly Group to get Mango's salary. They made a mistake on the amount."

Denver explained quickly.

Rainie looked at Mango and realized that she seemed to be in a daze.

"Denver, did something happen to Mango?"

"I'm not sure. Mango wanted to treat me to dinner. We were at a diner and she saw a man she might know. She wanted to have a look and went up to him. But the man got up and left, and then she became like this."

Rainie's brows knotted tightly together as she heard Denver's words.

"What did that man look like?"

"I don't know. I didn't see his face."

Rainie's frown deepened.

She turned to Mango and asked, "Mango, are you alright?"

"I'm fine. I'm just tired. Where's Wisdom?"

Mango spoke in sign language.

Rainie said softly, "He's in the room. He just fell asleep."

"I'm going to check up on him."

After that, Mango walked towards Wisdom's room.

Inside, Wisdom was sleeping soundly.

After coming to the Blu family's house, Wisdom's mood had become much better although he still liked to keep to himself. Furthermore, he had also warmed to spending time with Denver.

Mango went to sit beside him. Looking at his face which resembled Nathaniel's, Mango's heart ached all over again.

She thought that she had succeeded in forgetting him, but today, a familiar figure had dug out her half-buried feelings.

It turned out that it was heart-achingly difficult to forget someone you loved entirely.

She gently picked up Wisdom's hand.

At this, Wisdom opened his eyes abruptly and looked at Mango.

Mango smiled apologetically and made a sign to Wisdom that meant 'sorry¹.

Then, Wisdom got up and climbed into her arms. He found a comfortable position and laid down with his hands tightly holding onto Mango's own.

Mango's heart softened instantly.

Rita used to be like this as well. As for Zion, he rarely relied on herself like this.

Mango forced herself not to think about Zion and Rita. But now, because of Wisdom's actions, she thought of her children once again.

After changing her phone and social media accounts, she didn't know whether if Rita and Zion had contacted her, let alone if Nathaniel had remarried or not.

She forced herself not to think and ask about anything regarding Nathaniel. She was afraid that she could not bear it. But today, her yearning seemed to increase, and the hole in her chest was getting bigger, and sealing it now seemed impossible.

She missed Nathaniel, Zion, and Rita very terribly, but she couldn't go back!

Mango hugged Wisdom tightly. She felt that this was the only way to remind herself that she was still alive.

Sometimes, merely existing could be painful too.

Wisdom slowly went to sleep again in Mango's embrace.

It was only now that Mango remembered that she had wanted to buy Wisdom a small gift today. However, seeing that familiar figure today made her completely forget about it.

She sighed before she put Wisdom down and pulled the blanket over him. After that, she left the Blu family home alone to the largest mall in town.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel had been following Mango silently. He watched her enter the Blu family home, and she was out and about once again. Then, he trailed behind closely as she went to the mall.

Soon, Mango came to the toy department.

She hadn't bought toys in a very long time.

Zion had never wanted to play with toys that a four-year-old child would like. On the other hand, Rita liked them, but she was only particularly fond of Barbie dolls. Mango really didn't know what she should buy for Wisdom.

When the sales assistant saw Mango walking over, she greeted Mango enthusiastically.

"Welcome, Miss, is there a toy you're looking for in particular?"

Mango looked at the salesperson and panicked.


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