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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 631

Nathaniel felt as if Mango was looking at him through the camera.

Her eyes were exactly how he remembered them. They were so clear and bright, and he was still so easily attracted by them.

Nathaniel stretched out his hand and gently touched Mango's face on the monitor.

She had lost weight and her skin had darkened a bit, but she looked well and in high spirits.

After she had left him, had she been living this comfortably?

Nathaniel couldn't describe what he was feeling right now. All he knew was that the feeling was horrible as if there was an iron fist that was squeezing his heart, and it got tighter by the second.

"What's wrong? Mango? Is something wrong?"

When Denver noticed that Mango was staring intently at the camera on the wall, and he couldn't help but ask.

As she heard him, Mango turned around and shook her head with a smile. However, she glanced at the surveillance camera now and then.

She had a feeling that someone was watching her from the other side of that camera.

This feeling was strange and it appeared out of nowhere, which made her feel uneasy all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel couldn't help but smile at Mango's suddenly cautious expression.

"Mr. Ye, Mrs. Ye is suspicious. But, you seemed amused?"

Thomas felt that it had become more difficult to understand Nathaniel lately.

Over the past month, Nathaniel had searched for Mango until he almost lost it. He hadn't bothered to eat or drink, and it had made him lose several pounds. His cheekbones had become obvious, and his forehead protruded due to the weight loss.

However, as he was looking at Mango now, his entire being instantly became gentle and calm. Even the air that surrounded him had warmed up.

Nathaniel said with a gentle smile, "Without me by her side, it's good that she is this cautious at things like this."

Thomas couldn't understand what Nathaniel meant but didn't ask further.

Mango turned away from the camera and Denver looked at her in confusion. Then, he glanced at the camera above and tapped on the table with his fingers.

"Hey, where does that camera lead to?"

The financial manager was shocked and quickly said, "It leads to the security room."

"So you're saying you work here under surveillance?"

Hearing Denver's question, the financial manager's face reddened a little. He said with a stutter, "The financial department is the most important department in the company, so there are more cameras in here."


Denver's short reply made the financial manager nervous as Denver didn't seem to believe him.

When Mango saw that Denver had made the manager uncomfortable, she couldn't help but tug at his sleeve.

Nathaniel's expression darkened when he saw her action towards Denver.

Mango had never acted like this to another man other than him before, not even to Walter. Now seeing how Mango treated Denver, his place in her heart was obvious to the eye.

Seeing this, Nathaniel's heart ached all over again.

Before he found Mango, he kept telling himself that nothing else mattered as long as Mango was happy. However, when he saw that Mango's smile was no longer for him, but it was for another man, Nathaniel realized that he couldn't just sit here and accept it.

Mango was his wife!

She was his and his only!

Thomas was afraid that Nathaniel couldn't hold it in and would rush out to beat Denver up. Hence, he was on his guard, ready to stop Nathaniel if he did. However, he didn't expect that Nathaniel would do nothing other than have a cold and hard expression.

"Mr. Ye, what are you..."

"I don't want to scare her."

As he said this, Nathaniel's gaze never left Mango.

Meanwhile, Denver felt that someone was tugging at his sleeve. He looked at Mango and said, "Mango, you can't be too soft to a person like this, we have to..."

Mango shook her head determinedly, and her meaning was clear.

"All right. Because of Mango, I won't do anything. But hurry and settle Mango's salary."

Denver tapped on the table as he said.

The manager nodded his head and started to check the records and amount. Soon, he paid Mango's salary.

As Mango saw the amount, it wasn't as much as her previous income, but it still gave her a lot of confidence.

"Don't make such mistakes next time. It is your responsibility to ensure that the staff gets paid on time, do you understand?"

Denver's words made Mango stifle a laugh.

The financial manager nodded quickly and promised.

After that, Mango took the money and stood up to walk out with Denver.

Soon, Nathaniel came out of the other room, and the financial manager quickly came up to him.

"Mr. Ye, did I do correctly?"

Thomas hurriedly guided the manager away.

Nathaniel looked at them leave, and his heart suddenly filled with regret.

Back then, Thomas had said that this person was Mango. He had abandoned this possibility when he investigated and found out that it was actually Denver, causing him to waste a month. After going around in circles, he was brought back here in the end.

If he had found Mango a month ago, would she and Denver become this close?

Nathaniel kept asking himself this question but pondering the 'ifs' were useless.

Meanwhile, Mango and Denver walked out of the Pixelpoly Group, and Mango was in an extremely good mood.

She tugged at Denver's sleeve and gestured, "I've been paid today. Shall I treat you to dinner?"

Denver paused for a moment, and then said delightedly, "Really? Treat me to dinner? You can't back out, okay?"

"No, I won't."

Mango knew that Denver had helped her a lot over the past month. Even Wisdom had become more willing to interact with him too.

"You promised. Don't say that it was me who made you do it later. I'll give you another chance to back out now. You don't have to treat me, you know?"

Mango smiled lightly at Denver's words.

From a window above, Nathaniel saw Mango's gleeful eyes, and he kicked himself for not being the person who was making her smile right now.

Looking at Mango constantly displaying hand signs, he wondered how she managed to get through it all after losing her voice.

She was not born mute, but she had been forced into it. How did she adapt and become so lively and positive in only a month's time? Was it because of Denver?


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