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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 634

"Mango, what's wrong? Are you sick?"

Rainie quickly ran to Mango and touched her forehead.

Her forehead wasn't hot, but Mango's entire body was trembling, as if she was freezing.

"Mango, what's wrong?"

"It hurts!"

Mango opened her mouth and said, but no sound came out.

It hurt!

The pain was unbearable!

She felt a sharp pain in her chest as if her heart was being torn apart.

She felt as if she was tied up and the pain was coming at her fast, nearly suffocating her.

What should she do?

Who would come and save her?

At the sight of this, Rainie's eyes welled up with tears instantly.

She was well aware of how Mango had poured herself into this relationship. Seeing her like this now, Rainie hated Nathaniel immensely.

"There, there. It won't hurt anymore! I'm here."

Rainie quickly climbed onto the bed and hugged Mango tightly. However, Mango was still trembling.

Seeing this at the door, Denver's heart ached

He turned around and walked away quietly.

"Help me find out who this car belongs to."

Denver sent out the photo of Nathaniel's car plate.

Back then, Nathaniel was not in the car as he went to buy some cigarettes. When he came back, Mango and the others were in front of the car and Denver was trying to smash the car window. Hence, he knew that he had been discovered.

When he saw Mango turning around and walking away with an expression that showed that she didn't want to face him at all, it crushed him like a steam roller.

When he saw Rainie make the call, he knew that he was exposed.

After Rainie had finished the phone call, Nathaniel quickly called Thomas.

"Who's the owner of the car I'm driving?"

"It's Judson Zhang's car, he's the general manager of the Pixelpoly Group."

Hearing Thomas's words made Nathaniel let out a sigh of relief.

"Tell Judson to say that he was just curious about what the company's translator looked like, and that's why he followed her."

"I beg your pardon?"

Thomas was unable to keep up with Nathaniel.

"Followed? Mr. Ye, don't tell me you're..."

"Yes, I've been following Mango. Is there a problem?"

Nathaniel retorted with a faint trace of anger.

Thomas hurriedly said, "No, there's no problem. I'll get to it right away. However, Mr. Ye, Rainie seems to have figured out that you're here in Estania, and she's saying she wants to break up with me. If you don't wish to have direct contact with Mrs. Ye, you'd better not go out that often."

Upon hearing Thomas's words, Nathaniel felt even more upset.

"It's none of your business."

He hung up, feeling annoyed.

He was Mango's husband after all. Didn't that mean that he had the right to follow her? Why couldn't he see her if he wanted to?

But when he asked himself these questions, he could not help but feel defeated.

Of course, he could see Mango, but he was afraid that Mango would feel much worse after seeing him.

Then, Nathaniel took out a cigarette and lit it up as he chain-smoked. However,the aching feeling in his chest was nothing like the smoke he exhaled, which drifted away into the air.

Meanwhile, Mango was immersed in the same aching sadness, and she was struggling. Only when she was wrapped in Rainie's warm embrace did she calm down slowly.

Heartbroken, Rainie said, "Why are you doing this to yourself? That person may not be him. If you don't want to see him, I'll tell him to leave. Don't worry, he won't have the chance to bother you. I won't allow it."

Mango didn't say anything, and she didn't respond.

She didn't know how to describe her feelings right now.

Just then, Denver came in and said softly, "We've found the owner of the car. It belongs to Judson Zhang, the general manager of the Pixelpoly Group. He said that he was curious about what Mango looked like, and that's why he followed her all the way here. He'll drive the car away later."

As they heard this, Rainie and Mango both paused for a moment.

Judson Zhang?

They have never heard of this person before.

Rainie smiled and said, "It seems that we've been too suspicious. Mango, you're too beautiful. Men are willing to go through all that trouble just to get a glimpse of your beauty. You'd better be careful."

Mango didn't say anything to this.

Judson Zhang, huh?

He followed her out of curiosity?

She felt that it was not true.

The eyes that looked at her through the darkness were focused and deeply affectionate, just like how Nathaniel used to look at her.


It wasn't like him!

But it was indeed him!

Even though he wasn't the owner of the car, he could be the one that was driving it and following her, right?

Mango had loved Nathaniel for many years. She would recognize his gaze anywhere.

However, Mango kept these thoughts to herself.

It was better to let Rainie and Denver think that it wasn't Nathaniel in case Rainie caused trouble. Although she was now the eldest daughter of the powerful Blu family, their status was still beneath


She did not want to cause the Blu family any trouble because of her.

"Rainie, Mango, who's Nathaniel to you?"

The moment Denver asked this, he was immediately glared at by Rainie.

"If you have nothing useful to say, then don't say it."

Denver quickly covered his mouth and smiled apologetically.


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