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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 635

Did something happen to Zion?

Mango's heart dropped.

She hadn't been in contact with her children ever since she left the Ye Family. She was afraid that it would affect their lives. Now, when she heard that something had happened to Zion, Mango became extremely anxious.

Thomas glanced at Mango, then turned on speaker mode.

"What happened?"

"Didn't Madam Ye send Sir Zion to a base for training? When he heard that something happened to Mrs. Ye, he left on his own. For the past month, we've been searching for him and we've finally found him not long ago, but his leg has been broken."

The color drained from Mango's face when she heard these words.

Gosh! Zion's leg was broken?

What happened?

She snatched the phone from Thomas and asked anxiously, "Where is Zion? How is he now?"

It was not until she finished talking that she

realized that she'd not made a sound.

Seeing this, there was an indescribable bitterness that welled up in Thomas's heart.

Meanwhile, Mango was completely stunned.

She was useless!

She wasn't even able to care for her own son right now. What else could she do?

What use could a mother like her possibly bring to Zion?

Then, Mango pushed the phone back to Thomas disappointedly before she turned around and left. However, Thomas grabbed her arm to stop her.

"Let go, Thomas! Hasn't the Ye Family hurt Mango enough? What else do you want? She's already mute. Are you going to back off only when you see her dead body?"

Rainie stepped forward and pushed Thomas away. Then, she shielded Mango behind her.

The scene that unfolded before her made her upset.

Thomas looked at Mango and said softly, "Mrs. Ye, don't you think Sir Zion needs your help and care the most right now? He was sent out by Madam Ye with the excuse of getting medicine for you. But when he heard that something had happened to you, he escaped and went out looking for you. Now, something has happened to him. Don't you think you should be by his side? Sir Zion has never made you worry about him since he was a child, right? But that doesn't mean that you can leave him alone! I know you aren't willing to trust Mr. Ye anymore because of Madam Ye. Furthermore, you're unable to face him and the Ye Family because of Madam Hans. No matter what, your son is innocent, right? Why can't you care for Sir Zion like how you care for Sir Wisdom?"

Instantly, Mango's eyes were filled with tears.

How was it possible that she didn't miss her children? However, how was she supposed to face her children like this? How would Zion react if he saw her in this state?

Mango didn't know, and she dared not think about it.

When the man on the phone heard that Thomas was talking to Mango, he didn't dare interrupt or hang up.

When Thomas saw that Mango no longer had the intention to leave, he asked the man, "What happened to Sir Zion's leg?"

The man said, "Sir Zion was rushing back and he was accidentally hit by a car when he crossed a road. At that time, the driver saw that he was only a child and that there weren't any adults around him, so he drove away without helping. The people who witnessed the accident were kind enough to call an ambulance and Sir Zion was sent to the hospital. However, he kept refusing to contact his family, and the hospital couldn't just send him away like that. After all, his injury was quite serious. It has been more than a month now, but the cast on his leg has not been removed yet. After a lot of effort, we finally found him."

When Mango heard this, she could no longer hold back her tears. She covered her mouth and cried silently in pain.

Then, Thomas asked in a low voice, "Which hospital? Which city?"

"Sir Zion is in Estania at the Bethesda Hospital, ward 503 on the third floor."

"Got it."

After that, Thomas hung up.

Mango turned around hurriedly and was about to return to her room to change, but Thomas stopped her.


Mango mouthed. Even though there was no sound, she knew that Thomas had understood what she was saying.

Thomas did indeed get what she was saying, but he didn't move out of the way.

Rainie was so angry that she stepped forward and kicked Thomas's calf hard.


Thomas exclaimed as he hugged his calf in agony.

"Rainie, are you trying to murder me? I'm your husband!"

"What husband? We've broken up!"

Rainie ignored Thomas's painful expression and once again shielded Mango behind her back.

Then, Thomas took a deep breath before he stood up and looked at Rainie. Then, he said slowly, "How long will you be able to protect Mrs. Ye? A year? Two years? Or ten years? Your whole life? I know you two are close, but some things can't be decided by you alone. Besides, no one can be certain where love takes us. You don't even know what's really going on at all. Can you not get involved in this blindly?"

Rainie was at a loss for words for a moment, but still, she said stubbornly, "Whatever, I still can't bear to see the Ye Family bully Mango like this. From the very start, I've already said that Mango and Nathaniel aren't suitable for each other because the Ye Family is so far above us. It was you who insisted on persuading me, telling me how much Nathaniel loved Mango. Look at her now, is this how Nathaniel treats the woman he loves? If that's the case, then Mango doesn't need it!"

"Rainie Blu!"

Thomas was speechless at her words.

Then, he turned to Mango and said, "Mrs. Ye, I know how you're feeling right now. I know that you're in a hurry to see Sir Zion, and I know that you've found out about Mr. Ye, so there's no point beating around the bush. He said that if you don't sign this document, you're aren't allowed to visit Sir Zion."

"Thomas Song, this is ridiculous!"

Rainie was so angry that she tried to resist the urge to storm up and scratch Thomas's face.

He was nothing more than Nathaniel's mule! B*stard!

Meanwhile, Thomas knew that Rainie was cursing him internally, but there wasn't anything he could do. This was Nathaniel's order.

Mango knew that Nathaniel would take action after learning that she had found out about him. However, she did not expect him to act so quickly.


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