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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 637

"Be careful!"

The bodyguards quickly stepped forward to stop him.

However, Mango didn't dodge. She looked as the vase was thrown in her direction. She reached out her hand and grabbed it in the nick of time.

"I said it before, I don't need you guys here!"

Zion thought that only the Ye family's bodyguards were present, so his anger flared up instantly.

He wanted to find his mother, but she was now severely injured after the car accident. Hence, he was very devastated by it.

His mother had suffered from an accident, and Nathaniel had failed in ensuring her safety. Zion was extremely mad, and he didn't want to see Nathaniel's face anymore.

Mango wasn't feeling too good after witnessing Zion's agitation.

She had never seen him acting like this ever since he was a child.

When did such a calm and wise boy become like this?

She walked up to him quickly and hugged him tightly.

"Let me go!"

Zion struggled forcefully. Then, he suddenly quieted down.

He allowed Mango to hold him in her arms as he gently turned around and looked at her. At this moment, tears immediately welled up in his eyes.


He threw himself into her arms once again.

His tears rolled down and dripped onto her shirt. It felt like hot lava on her skin.

Her heart ached.

She thought that allowing Zion to stay with the Ye Family was the best decision as he would be well-treated. After all, he was the sole heir appointed by Madam Ye. However, she never expected it to turn out this way.

If only she had known earlier...

She paused all of a sudden.

There were no ifs in life.

At the thought of this, she hugged Zion close to her. Despite that, she couldn't provide the comfort that he needed.

Noticing that she hadn't said anything, Zion thought that she was mad at him. Then, he quickly whispered, "Mommy, I tried my best to be good. I'm sorry I let myself get injured. Don't be fooled by my cast, it doesn't hurt at all!"

It was heart-wrenching seeing him act like this.

How could a serious injury like this not hurt at all?

He was just trying to comfort her!

Moreover, he had stayed in a strange place for a month all alone. What kind of feeling would that be?

He was the Ye Family's grandson, and he had powerful parents. However, he was trapped in the hospital like an orphan.

What was he thinking back then?

Then, Mango got emotional all of a sudden.

She felt that she should apologise to him. However, she didn't know how to convey it.

She brought over a paper and pen. Then, she wrote on the paper, "I'm sorry. It's mommy's fault for making you go through all this."

Zion was stunned for a moment, and he had no idea what was going on.

He had only heard that something had happened to his mommy, but he didn't know what exactly happened to her. Seeing her distressed expression and that she had to write the words down, he suddenly understood something.

"Mommy, your throat..."

Mango shook her head with a smile, indicating that she was fine.

Tears flowed out of his eyes again.

"Mommy, it must've hurt a lot, right?"

Zion reached out his hand and caressed her throat, and he could feel the softness and slight warmth there.

She held his hand and shook her head again with a smile.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel had always been there all along, and he knew that Mango would come.

Actually, he already knew it when she arrived. However, he just didn't want to appear in front of her, as he was worried that it would make her feel sad.

Seeing the heart- warming scene of Zion and Mango in front of him, the familiar pang of heartache struck again.

Their originally harmonious and beautiful family was now torn apart. He felt extremely sad upon the thought of such a sorrowful ending.

At the same time, Zion and Mango laid quietly on the bed while the sun was shining in. For the one month that he had stayed there, it was the first time that he had slept so soundly.

Meanwhile, Mango didn't dare to move as she was afraid that it would wake him up.

She just laid beside him and looked at his face quietly. Looking at his pale visage and the tears in the corners of his eyes, a sense of self-blame and guilt arose in her heart.

She was not a good mother.

She had not given her children a complete family ever since they were born. Now that she had finally come back and gained her children's trust to accept Nathaniel as their father, she had to leave the Ye Family again with them. She had to leave Nathaniel and become a single parent.

She didn't know how to talk to Zion about their divorce, and she couldn't make him understand the complex emotions between adults. Although some may say that they could try to reconcile the marriage for the sake of their children, she knew that it was impossible between her and Nathaniel.

There was no tolerance or space for any outsiders or triggering factors in love, let alone a person's life.

She only hoped that she could provide everything she could for the children and make them feel better as they were to be raised in a single-parent family

She stroked Zion's face before she gently pulled the blanket over him before walking out of the ward.

She knew that Nathaniel was there.

Just as she walked out of the ward, Nathaniel was sitting on a chair in the corridor and smoking.

It had been a month since they had last seen each other, and Nathaniel's nicotine addiction seemed to have increased. The smell of tobacco was strong on his body.

Seeing this, she was very upset. Then, she walked over and sat down beside him.

Then, he put out the cigarette subconsciously.


He knew that no matter how many apologies he said, they couldn't fix anything. However, he knew that he still owed her an apology.

Despite that, Mango didn't want to listen to any more explanations.

After all, he wasn't by her side when she needed him the most.


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