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The Sweet Rival (Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye) novel Chapter 636

Mango was unable to digest this information, and she was frozen in place for several moments. She couldn't think straight, as if her brain had stopped functioning all of a sudden.

From the start, Rainie had never asked Mango about how she ended up like this. Thus, she could not fully understand what Thomas said.

"Mango, what does he mean?"

Rainie's gaze never left Mango as she asked, but Mango was clenching her fists tightly. She hadn't even realized that her fingernails had dug deep into her flesh.

She stepped forward suddenly and grabbed Thomas by the collar. She wanted to question him and demand justice, but when she opened her mouth, she could not do any of that. In the end, she could only glare at Thomas.

It was all thanks to Madam Ye that she had ended up like this, flawed and in agony, both physically and mentally. Initially, she was willing to endure it all, as the Hans family owed the Ye family a life. When she lost her grandmother, she cried and blamed it entirely on herself, but she didn't hate the Ye family. However, she hated them to the bones now!

She hated Madam Ye, hated the Ye Family, and she hated herself the most!

When Thomas saw how agitated Mango had become, he knew what was going on in her mind. However, he was unsure how to explain it all to her.

Finally, he sighed and said, "Madam Ye is dead. When Mr. Ye came back and learned about what happened to you, he let Madam Ye have a taste of her own medicine. After that, he planned to send Madam Ye to the Ye family's graveyard. But on the journey there, the car exploded, and Madam Ye was blown to pieces. It must have been karma. I know that you might think that she died too easily without suffering. Compared to what Madam Ye has done to you and the Hans family, her death was merciful. But Mrs. Ye, we've come this far. Can't you forgive the Ye Family? Mr. Ye has been blaming himself like crazy for the past month. He wanted so badly to go back in time and stop everything from happening. You..."

Suddenly, Mango pushed Thomas away.

She clutched the front of her shirt and shouted with all her strength. Her voice was hoarse and her face flushed with color. The sight of her giving it her all to produce a single syllable tugged at everyone's hearts.

"Mango, don't be like this!"

Rainie lunged forward and wrapped her arms around Mango.

Mango, on the other hand, seemed to not have heard anything as she continued to cry out in silence.

Rainie was so angry that she channeled her rage directly at Thomas.

"Leave now! You and Nathaniel just won't leave Mango alone, will you? What do you want? If you keep this up, I'll burn down your house!"

Thomas knew that Rainie was more than capable of doing so.

He sighed and said, "Mrs. Ye, I know you're upset, and I know that all of this is too harsh on you. If you really want to cut all ties with the Ye Family, and if you're no longer willing to give Mr. Ye any more chances, then you should sign the contract and accept the alimony. Mr. Ye had said that he will fulfill any condition you want. Oh, by the way, the divorce papers have been torn up by Mr. Ye. So, you are still husband and wife."

When Mango heard these words, she finally managed to calm down. However, her eyes flashed with a trace of sorrow.

Husband and wife?

Was there any other married couple in this world who were like them?

It was said that marriage was the most beautiful ending to love, but why couldn't she see any of the beauty?

Maybe she and Nathaniel were just not meant to be.

The more Mango discovered the truth, the more pain she felt. Honestly, it pushed her further to the brink of losing it with every second that passed.

She couldn't bring herself to forgive Madam Ye, nor could she ever step into the Ye Family's household again!

Furthermore, it was even more impossible for her to live with Nathaniel without any hard feelings between them.

They really couldn't continue on this path with each other anymore.

Mango stood up and suppressed the pain that was now living permanently in her heart. Then, she looked at Thomas before she gestured and asked, "If I sign the contract, would Nathaniel really promise me anything?"

Rainie translated what Mango had said.

"Yes! Mr. Ye said so. He even said that he would give up his life to pay for Madam Hans's death. If that was what you wanted, he wouldn't have any complaints."

Thomas's words caused Mango to laugh bitterly.

What did she need Nathaniel's life for?

Indeed, she loved him. She loved him with every cell in her body and with every drop of blood that flowed through her. She could not stop loving him, at least not in this life.

If she were to take Nathaniel's life, she would rather die herself. After all, Madam Hans had agreed to Madam Ye's terms because of her, right?

The more Mango thought about it, the more pain she felt. She didn't think she could withstand it any longer.

She leaned on Rainie's shoulder as she needed the support badly. Otherwise, she would crumple right there and then.

"Alright, I'll sign it."

As Mango expressed what she meant, she took the pen from Thomas's hand and signed the contract.

Seeing her like this, Thomas couldn't help but sigh once again.

He didn't know if Nathaniel was doing the right thing right.

In the end, Thomas was still unable to understand Nathaniel's motivations.

After Nathaniel lost Mango, he withered away like a flower without water. Now that he had finally found her, Thomas thought that Nathaniel would do anything to get her back. However, he didn't expect Nathaniel to be of the opinion that Mango didn't need to be by his side even though he loved her. As long as she was happy, it didn't matter if they couldn't be together.

Thomas didn't understand it at all.

Loving someone but not being able to be with them was a depressing kind of love. Nevertheless, he couldn't fathom it.

Alas, he couldn't go against Nathaniel's words.

He waited as Mango signed her name and threw the documents at him. However, Mango's face had turned a ghostly pale.

She made a gesture and said, "I want an official divorce! I want custody of my two children, including Wisdom as well. And I don't want him to come into my life ever again. From now on, the Ye family and I have nothing to do with each other. Tell Nathaniel not to follow me and to never appear in my line of sight again, otherwise, I will ask them to pay for all this."

As he heard that, Thomas nodded and gathered the papers.

Then, Mango continued, "Can I go see my son now?" "Yes! My car is right outside. I'll take you there."

"There's no need for that!"

Mango rejected Thomas's offer without hesitation.

Then, she turned around and went upstairs.

Although her heart ached like it was being stabbed endlessly, she still continued firmly forward in the corridor. Every step she took caused her to flinch as if she was walking on broken glass, the sharp edges digging into her flesh. However, she still moved forward, gritting her teeth tightly because this was the path she had chosen.


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