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True Fated Marriage novel Chapter 125

Grace Smith looked at the little one in amazement. She felt that her son was being sarcastic.

She smiled guiltily. "I don't know if it's true."

Gary Smith's eyes flashed and he said, "It doesn't matter. Mommy, we will know the result soon."

“Aye,” Grace replied.

"Sister, you-" Alice Smith came out of the kitchen with a plate of food. When she saw Grace in such a mess, she was very surprised and asked, "Have you been harassed by a pervert?"

"Little Aunt, I don't think he's a pervert. He's that suspected father of mine," Gary said confidently.

Alice looked at Grace and asked hesitantly, "Is that so?"

"It's not what you're thinking. I can't explain it anyway. I'm starving. Let's eat." As soon as Grace entered the door, she was hungry and only wanted to eat. It had taken up too much energy to fight with Heinz Jones.

"I even met that strange couple when I was coming back, it was too tiring to deal with them." Grace thought.

"Let me cook the dishes, our meal will ready soon. I'll serve it up real quick," Alice was very diligent, shuttling back and forth in the kitchen like a swallow.

Grace said, "I'm going to take a bath and change." Gary followed Alice to the kitchen and stood at the door.

Alice looked back at him. "Little Gary, what's wrong?"

"Little Aunt, my mommy seems to have been completely under control by this suspected father of mine!" Gary's face was full of unwillingness. "She looks a little embarrassed."

Alice was stunned. Looking at her nephew's childish face that did not match his mature expression, she sighed and said, "Don't worry. Your mommy is an adult and knows how to protect herself."

"If she knows how to protect herself, why was she coming back in a pair of men's pants?" Gary asked.

Alice gawked at her nephew and said, "Little Gary, you seem to be right."

"Let's talk to mommy later," Gary said.

"Well, that's necessary." Alice agreed.


after Grace took a shower and changed her clothes, she threw Heinz's sweatpants into the washing machine and walked to the dining table.

The dishes were all served on the table.

Little Gary and Alice were sitting at the table, looking at her with a serious face.

Grace whined in her heart. "Oh no, they are going to start nagging."

As expected.

The next second, Gary said solemnly, "Mommy, should you tell us about the incident of the pants that happened today?"

Grace's face froze. She looked at her son's imposing manner and pursed her lips.

Alice also nodded. "Yes, sister, please explain it to us."

"It's nothing bad," Grace spread out her hands and sat down. She looked at her sister and son and said, "Believe it or not, that's my explanation."

"Mommy, I am learning from you." Gary's face was still serious. "You're being so perfunctory. If I'm behaving the same in the future, don't be sad."

Grace went blank.

Alice looked at her carefully and then looked at Gary. She was also a little timid.

Because once this child had a cold face, it was often hard to reason with him.

Grace was a little embarrassed. She coughed and cleared her throat to cover up her embarrassment.

For this kind of thing, it felt too shameful, to tell the truth.

But the child was threatening her like this, which made her feel angry and funny at the same time.

"Gary," Grace smiled and approached Gary.

"Mommy, don't try to please me," Gary was still serious. He even said with a cold face, "I don't buy it."

Grace was at a loss for words.

He was too serious.

Alice shrank her neck and looked at Grace with a wink.

It seemed that Little Gary was angry.

Grace had no choice but to say, "There's really nothing bad going on."

Gary didn't say anything. He just looked at Grace, and his eyes were terribly sharp.


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