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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 197

Chapter 197
I'm breathless, both dreading and needing to hear Blake's response to
Easton's question. What is he going to say? How is this asshole going to
redeem himself?
He cant. Not with me. And not with my boyfriend either.
Or my best friend.
Or my twin brother.
Blake is done.
The tears still stream down my face and Sadie’s got her arm around my
shoulders, comforting me. The silence in the room is deafening and it's
just... can't take it anymore.
“Why?" | whisper, the sound ragged.
Blake remains quiet, the asshole. Trying to buy time? He visibly shakes as
he runs his hands through his hair and his gaze finally meets mine, his
eyes, his expression is just—blank.
Like he doesn't know what to say.
“Tell me!" | scream.
“Tell her, fuck face,” Easton demands, his voice low.
“| wanted..." Blake's gaze is pleading when it meets mine. “I wanted you.
And | knew I couldn't get you, especially once Easton finally noticed you.
You've always had a thing for him, and just when | thought I might have a
chance with you, he kept treating you like garbage, yet you still wanted
him. It made no fucking sense. He doesn't deserve you!"
| flinch, hating how he makes me feel like I'm at fault for having a crush
on Easton. How was | supposed to know Blake was interested in me? He
never gave me a single clue that he was. | was the quiet girl. The one no
one noticed. The invisible twin.
"It was stupid, my idea,” Blake continues, shaking his head. "I felt
desperate. And | thought that just maybe | could scare you a little and be
the big hero running to rescue the girl.”
"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Sadie's voice is full of disgust.
| briefly squeeze my eyes shut, like | can't stand to look at Blake—which |
can't. "Why not just try the normal way and ask me out?"
"Him." That's all Blake says. "I knew before even he did, that he was
obsessed with you. Even if Easton wouldn't admit it to himself, | saw it.
The way he looked at you, how he couldnt keep his eyes off you. There
was something between the two of you and I couldnt stand it. So |
panicked. Fuck, it’s our senior year and | wanted a chance. | just... don't
A sigh leaves me and | hang my head, frustrated.
His explanation isn't good enough. What he did to me is beyond cruel.
It's unforgiveable.
And Blake needs to realize that. I'm not the weak, quiet girl | was at the
beginning of the school year. I'm stronger. More confident. I'm not going
to let this guy break me.
No way.
Sadie removes her arm from my shoulders when | stand up straighter, and
| glare at Blake before my gaze shifts to the box full of incriminating
“Did it really have to go this far?”
“No. | got in too deep, and | couldn't stop.” Blake visibly swallows. "And |
swear it was never supposed to be like this. | thought—| could be your
hero, you know? And then you'd finally see me.”
“All | see...” | walk over to the box of spray paint and give it a fierce kick.
“Is a weak ass bitch who never once explained his feelings to me, or even
tried, before asking the wicked witch of the west to help you."
And that's the most unforgivable part of all.
"She had uh...experience."
Say what? That's his excuse?
Oh hell no.
| lunge for Blake and Easton grabs my arms, but | immediately jerk out of
his hold. “Let me take care of this.”
| love that my boyfriend wants to defend me, but | dont need him to run to
my rescue every single time. Despite what he thinks, or Blake, for that
| can handle things on my own.
"So." | start to pace, going over everything that happened this year in my
mind. "It was you and Aisha this entire time? Who started it? Or does it
even fucking matter? You're both guilty as hell, but it's worse, knowing it
was you. You betrayed me, Blake. | was scared. You made me cry. You
tried to ruin my senior year while pretending to be my friend. And |
defended you! When Easton would say he thought you were being shady, |
always said, ‘not Blake. Never Blake’. | feel like an idiot!”
He closes his eyes like he can't even look at me. "You're right. It was both
of us. | just thought—"
"—Oh, you thought?” | make air quotes with my fingers, not bothering to
hald back. "This is so cruel, so messed up, you have to see that, right?”
“Yeah.” His voice is low. "| know that now. | mean, | knew that then, | just...
maybe | wanted what I could never have.” Blake turns his attention to my
boyfriend. "In a way, it felt like you stole her from me."
Easton takes a step toward Blake, his expression murderous, his hands
clenched into fists, but Ryan grabs his arm, stopping him.
“He's not worth it my brother murmurs and Easton nods once, his
attention solely for Blake.
"The difference between you and me, is that | actually love Harper. | love
her with my entire fucking soul. | would die for her—would you? | doubt it.
And even if | mess things up—and | probably will—| hope to God I know
how to repent on my fucking knees and tell her how amazing she is and
beg for her forgiveness. | would never try to make her feel small in order
to manipulate her into being with me. Ever."
Blake's eyes squeeze shut, his humiliation clear.
All | can do is stare at Easton, my heart thumping so hard | swear
everyone in the room can hear it. His gaze meets mine, all of that sincerity
and his love for me swirling in the blue depths and without thought, | go to
him, not caring that everyone—specifically Blake—is watching us.
He's mine.
And I'm his.
Easton grips the back of my head, kissing me hard on the mouth and then
my forehead and | lean into him, sighing against his shoulder.
This is how it should be. Having each other's backs, not trying to tear
each other down. Why couldn't Blake realize this? Why did he have to take
it so far?
He ruined a friendship between all of us. It's over.
Completely ignoring Blake, the four of us send each other a look before
we leave his house, Sadie and Ryan making sure they grab all the food.
Blake doesn't try and even stop us. Doesnt say a damn word to any of us,
and once we're outside, it's as if we're all taking a deep, cleansing breath.
The weight of the mystery is completely gone, and while I'm disappointed
in finding out it was Blake of all people, I'm not surprised at all that Aisha
was involved.
Of course she was.
"If | could, I'd go kick that skank's ass right now,’ Sadie mutters.
A giggle escapes me, even after everything we've just been through. “I
wouldnt stop you.”
“| would.” Ryan wraps Sadie up in a big hug, and while it seems like he's
being affectionate, | also wouldnt doubt he's trying to restrain her from
making good on her threat. "We need to forget about them. Forget all of
this ever happened”
"| agree,” Easton says as he pulls me into his arms.
| cling to him, breathing in his familiar, delicious scent, absorbing all of
his warmth and strength. This boy...| love him. So much. | trust him. He's
got my back, and I've got his.
He's promising me forever without using words just by holding me and |
close my eyes, safe and secure in his arms. Even outside of Blake's
It doesnt matter. | know, and Easton knows too.
I'm his.
And he's mine.


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