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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 195

Chapter 195


"I feel like this is enough food to feed our entire senior class,’ Sadie snorts as she drives away from McDonald's, our final stop for the boys.

That's after we already picked up the pizzas and added several large fries and a few more burgers to the order, knowing they're probably drunk and most definitely high and will eat more than they've asked for.

“You know our men, they're endless pits of hunger.” “Ain't that the truth.” She turns at the light, heading for Blake's neighborhood, one that's just as nice as Easton's.

“When does Blake leave again, like a few days, right?” “Girl, he's leaving tomorrow, that's why they need to get it all done today.

Once he's packed, the boys are going to load it all into Blake's car, and we're going to party tonight, and then Blake will take off in the moming.” “Damn.” She shakes her head.

"This is all happening so fast.” “You're telling me,’ I say as she begins to slow for the stop sign.

I glance at her.

"You know ...

we're next.” “Don't go there, we still need to shop and pack and have fun this summer.

We have some time before we take off."

She's right.

We have the whole summer, Blake is just going early to San Diego.

But I'm glad we're not heading to UCLA until freshman orientation, which is in a couple months.

I need more time with Sadie and I need more time with Ryan.

And I need time to unwind from the last few months of school and prepare my brain for all the hard work I have ahead of me.

How I'm going to balance Dean's List—something my scholarship requires me to maintain—with Easton and partying and college fun.

I know I can do it.

It's just going to take a lot of focus when I suddenly have so much freedom.

“You know what's one of the best things about this summer, I say.

She turns onto Blake's street.

"What's that?"

“Mom and Dad have dropped my curfew."

“Whaaaat?” I smile.

“It was a surprise to me, too.

They just told me tonight when you picked me up.

I asked Mom what time I needed to be home and she said she'd spoken with Dad and they decided not to give me a time anymore.” “oh my God, the trouble we're about to get in.” I grab her arm.

“Let's not, I just got the shackles taken off, I don't want my parents to put them back on.

And they will—like in three seconds.” She laughs.

“True.” She pulls into Blake's driveaway.

"The smell of this food is making me so hungry.” “I'm sure they'll share,’ I say and climb out of the car, balancing the pizzas and McDonald's bags on my palms.

"Here”—she holds out her hands—‘“give me something, you don't have to carry it all.” I shake my head.

"Just get the door, I'm fine.” We go up the walkway and up the front steps, knocking on Blake's door.

“Are his parents’ home?"

I ask Sadie.

She shrugs.


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