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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Leaving with Him

The man stared into her eyes, drank the alcohol, and turned the glass upside down.

The men around them cheered louder than when the muscular man had drunk the second drink.

Tina lowered her head and rolled her eyes. She became more sure the man was Samuel. After all, she would not have such a physical fear of anyone else but him.

The man said, "There's only one glass left."

She snorted and continued making a drink, intending to put the drug into it secretly.

However, when she reached for it, the man standing outside suddenly stretched his long arm across the bar counter and grabbed her arm.

"What are you reaching for?"

Tina's heart skipped a beat when she panicked. But she soon forced a smile and said, "I want to use some fruit to decorate the drink. You also need time to dispel the effects of alcohol, right?"

An onlooker jealously complained, "Why are you so nice to him? Is it because he looks handsome?"

Then, there was a burst of laughter.

Tina maintained her smile; she glanced at the man and said, "Can you let go? It hurts."

A dark light flashed in the man's eyes before he let go of her.

After he released the grip on her arm, she felt more nervous. As soon as he had touched her, she had made sure he was Samuel! Now, she wondered why he had come over to make trouble for her.

Samuel slightly raised his chin and asked in a provocative tone, "Have you run out of alcohol?"

Tina bit her lower lip, glanced around, and saw a bottle of vodka. She didn't even bother to make the drink for him now. So, she took out a large glass, filled it with vodka, and put a slice of lemon into the glass.

"Take your time to enjoy it."

"Will you go with me after I drink this glass of vodka?"

His voice was soft and drawling because he was deliberately torturing her. She could see the teasing look in his eyes despite his mask. She was nervous but must pretend to be calm.

"Let's see whether you will pass out after you finish it."

"Fine!" Samuel softly said while picking up the glass.

Countless pairs of eyes were looking at the glass in his hand. The men around them were both excited and unwilling because he might remove the rose with thorns.


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