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Cupid's Arrow Hit On Me novel (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 122

Liberty sneered. “He was the one who insisted on going halves, so I just did what he wanted. How is it right that he can do whatever he wants to me when he’s angry? You’re distressed when you see him like this, but can’t you see how he beat me up too?

“He’s your precious son, but I’m human too! Yes, my parents are dead, but even if I’m an orphan, I won’t let you abuse me!

“Are you gonna come at me one by one, or all together? Come at me! I’ll be straight with you. If you don’t want to be with me anymore, just say the word and we’ll get a divorce. Don’t you think you can get away with abusing me! I’m not a pushover! If you dare bully or beat me up again, I’ll make sure to drag your whole family to hell before I die!

“Hank Brown, I told you long ago that if you ever dare lay your hands on me, you’d better beat me to death because if I’m alive, you should sleep with one eye open. Otherwise, I’ll chop you to pieces and mince you up!”

Liberty glared at her in-laws fiercely.

If they had the guts to charge at her, she would fight to the death and die with them!

The Browns were speechless.

“What a shrew! She’s so unreasonable!” Mr. Brown scolded Liberty and said to his son, “Hank, come home with us.”

Hank was also frightened by Liberty’s behavior today.

He had known her for twelve years and never knew she was so ruthless.

Hank’s legs were still shaking when he recalled Liberty’s fierce look, so he left with his parents and sister. At the same time, he called his boss to ask for a leave of absence.

He had to recuperate at home.

Chelsea drove over.

After the Browns got into the car, Chelsea said, “Hank, you should divorce her and take custody of Sonny. Don’t give her custody. Let’s see if she can stay arrogant.”


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