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Cupid's Arrow Hit On Me novel (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 123

Hank’s family found out about his affair and did not rebuke him for it. Hank said, “Liberty kept gaining weight after giving birth to Sonny. She lost her figure, and I just couldn’t stand her anymore. Jessica is considerate, young, and beautiful. I think she’s my true love.”

Mrs. Brown said frankly, “Your mistress is only eyeing your status and income. If you’re just an ordinary employee like before, will she like you?”

“Although Liberty is ruthless and beats you up, she has taken good care of you throughout your marriage and managed the household very well. She has endured hardships, so she knows how to live within her means and manage a family. That woman you’re dating doesn’t seem to hold a candle to Liberty.”

Although Mrs. Brown was partial to her son, her evaluation of Liberty was pertinent.

“You need a virtuous wife. Hank, you can fool around all you want and I won’t say anything, but if you marry that girl, you must be careful lest you regret it in the future.”

Most men who divorced their wives and married their lovers did not have good lives.

Mrs. Brown was very satisfied with her son’s current situation, but she did not want her son to lose his happiness and get retribution.

Chelsea said, “What’s so good about Liberty? Just look at how she beat up Hank! We can’t tolerate such a woman as Hank's wife. Hank, I support you and Jessica. You’ll only know if you can live a good life after marrying her. How can anyone predict that?

“Initially, Liberty was also polite and gracious. Who would’ve thought she would chase Hank down a few blocks with a kitchen knife and beat him up like this?”

Mr. and Mrs. Brown stopped talking then.

“Hank, you shouldn’t go home these few days. Don’t give her money and don’t apologize to her. She should be the first to apologize and admit her mistake. You can go back after she apologizes and promises not to do it again,” Chelsea advised Hank.

“Even if you don’t get divorced now, you shouldn’t admit defeat. Otherwise, your status in the household will plummet. You’re a big man who should be calling the shots. You can’t let a woman bully you.”

Hank said, “I definitely won’t go back for the next few days.”


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