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Cupid's Arrow Hit On Me novel (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 124

Serenity said, “Thanks, Jas.”

Jasmine smiled. “Don’t mention it! You’ve always closed up for the night in the past, so I’ve been taking advantage of you. I’ll only feel better now by making up for it.”

Serenity accepted her friend’s offer and picked up the clothes she bought before bidding Jasmine goodbye and walking out of the bookstore. When she opened the car door, she placed the bag of clothes on the passenger seat and said to Zachary, “You can head home first. I need to go to the market to buy some vegetables. If you can, cook some pasta while waiting. Otherwise, just wait till I get home.”

Zachary glanced at her e-bike and said, “Where’s your new car?”

“I left the house later than usual today, so I was afraid of getting stuck in traffic. That’s why I took the bike.”

Serenity put on her helmet and said, “I’m leaving.”

Without waiting for Zachary to reply, Serenity rode the bike away.

Zachary was left speechless.

Serenity did things in a hurry sometimes, which was a contrast to Zachary’s calmness.

Looking at the bag of clothes on the passenger seat, Zachary took it and rummaged through. He noticed they were menswear. He frowned and thought, ‘Who did she buy these for?’

Zachary checked the size and noticed that all of them matched his and they were black in color. Could they be for him?

His displeasure vanished after some thought.

Zachary saw Jasmine coming out of the store and greeted Jasmine with a nod before he drove away.


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