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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage novel Chapter 635

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More of Mu Feiran’s fans immediately rebutted and said, “You guys should understand a few things. Mumu can’t be bothered to compare with you guys and just wants to live her own life. That is why she’s not as exposed. She is already the uncontested top dog. Some fans should keep themselves in check and not be such an embarrassment.”

Lin Che’s fans were even more riled up. Their insults were especially harsh.

Lin Che’s fans said, “Just take a look at how old Mu Feiran is. How can she still compare with her junior?”

Mu Feiran’s fans got more agitated. “Mu Feiran is only older than Lin Che by a few years. She started early.”

“Oh, then Mu Feiran never took good care of herself. She looks ten to twenty years older so of course, that’s what I thought.”

“At least she’s still better than Lin Che who relies on people to push her up and carve a path for her. This kind of person still dares to talk about skills? What a joke. When our Mumu won the Gold Medal Award, your Lin Che was still playing in pee and mud.”

They burst into a full-blown argument. Their words were later so ugly that it really left people speechless.

Yu Minmin sat there puzzled. Meanwhile at Dynamic Pictures…

Qin Wanwan scrolled through her phone. She laughed as she saw the intense verbal war.

Sister Lin laughed and said, “This time, we can stand to benefit from this.”

Qin Wanwan said, “Alright, this place is already filled with our own people bickering with each other as if they are really at war. When are you going to think bigger and truly bring me more fans?”

“Wanwan, don’t be anxious. This is only the beginning. Soon enough, the fight will become worse. Don’t worry. They only just decided to give the female lead role of “Blood” to Lin Che. We are not prepared enough. From today onwards, there’ll be a good spectacle to watch.”

The corners of Qin Wanwan’s lips curled up menacingly. Her slim jaw tilted upwards slightly.

Lin Che went up behind Yu Minmin to see what she was looking at.

Yu Minmin said, “Some of these comments are weird.”

“Yes,” Lin Che said. “Why would my fans talk like this?”

“It’s a little over the top, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I also think that it’s too much,” Lin Che replied.

Yu Minmin said, “Furthermore, we would have one such comment popping up every now and then and we would just forget about it. This is way too many and it is worrying. It looks like someone is intentionally posting comments like these.”

“No way. What should we do then?”

“Let’s see how it plays out first. I’ll get our people to observe this tonight. Then, we’ll think about our reply.”

Lin Che clenched her fists as she looked ahead depressingly, “I never thought of competing against anyone. I don’t want to compete with Qin Wanwan and I don’t want to compete with Mu Feiran even more.”

“The winds howl around the highest peaks and you’re the highest peak. Alright, just go home first.”

Lin Che felt rather depressed.

Back home, Mo Huiling was spreading rumors about her and she was being reprimanded. Now, the Internet was also reprimanding her.

She really wondered if she did something wrong. Somewhere along the line, she must have not done a proper job. Otherwise, she must have been a truly bad person for people to insult her like this.

She could feel that her emotions were unstable. She thought that maybe she was more sensitive because her period was coming soon.

She decided that when she went home, she would not look at Weibo or the forums. Otherwise, she would continue being angry.

However, when she got home, Lu Beichen sent her another message saying, “Wow, you’re famous eh. There are people in the circle supporting you.”

Lin Che asked curiously, “What do you mean?”

“You didn’t see the WeChat group? They’ve been bickering the whole afternoon.”

“I didn’t… I was afraid of torturing myself.”

Lin Che quickly went to the WeChat group to see.


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