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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1405

"I'm just scared," Henson admitted.

A shadow crossed Jonathan's eyes. "You think there's a lot of issues between me and Estelle too?"

"Problems can be solved. That's just love," Henson replied hastily.

Jonathan smiled. "Don't worry, she'll become part of your family. No need to hold back."

"You better treat Estelle right and keep a distance from Yvonne. No more interactions."

"Got it."

Jonathan hung up the phone, staring out at the deep night sky, a touch of melancholy hidden in his gaze.

Estelle came upstairs from the ground floor, sketching designs in the study till one in the morning.

Back in bed, she couldn't find sleep, images of Yvonne sprawled on Jonathan's bed playing in her mind.

She knew Jonathan wouldn't betray her, but she still felt tight-chested.

Tossing and turning, she finally fell asleep around three or four in the morning. As soon as the sky brightened, Estelle woke immediately.

Usually, if Estelle weren't sleeping in the next room, Jonathan would come over for some cuddling, and then they'd go jog together.

That wouldn't happen today.

Estelle dozed for another two hours before finally getting up around eight. After freshening up, she opened her bedroom door to leave.

Jonathan was just walking in, placing breakfast on the table. He looked up, his eyes sunken and dark. Looked like he hadn't slept either.

They locked eyes briefly before Estelle quickly looked away, standing frozen at the bedroom door.


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