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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1406

Finley initially thought it was no big deal. To please Carmella, he immediately said he was on board, no sweat.

However, half an hour later, Finley called Carmella. His voice had lost its previous confidence and was filled with frustration instead.

"I reckon the director doesn't want to carry on anymore. He's dead set against changing the team. He's just a director. Who does he think he was deciding who gets to work with whom?"

Carmella, being in the know, gave a cold chuckle, "What, you don't have any sway?"

Finley was in a bit of a pickle, "I'm not the biggest sponsor. Since the show became popular, the directors became more hard-nosed. This might be a bit of a tough nut to crack."

Finley had his own ideas.

The popularity of the show had brought substantial profits for his family. If they really fell out with the production team, who weren't short of sponsors, it was his family's business that would take the hit.

"Carmella, let's just let it be. I believe in your talent. No matter who you're working with, I believe you'll come out on top." Finley tried to comfort her with a laugh.

"Forget it, and I have to get back to work." Carmella knew that pressuring Finley wouldn't do any good, so she agreed, albeit unhappily.

Back at the studio, Heather immediately stood up when she saw Carmella return, "What did Finley say?"

"Finley tried to put the squeeze on the director, but the director wouldn't budge." Carmella didn't look too happy.

Heather sat back down, disappointed. She gave it some thought, whipped out her phone, and called Yvonne. As soon as Yvonne picked up, she said with a laugh, "Yvonne, are you on set? Got a minute?"

"What's up?" Yvonne asked.

"I need a favor!" Heather told Yvonne about the production team scheduling Mr. Gellar, the designer and tailor, to work with her. She left out the part about the Gellar family being persuaded by Estelle, saying that the production team had been favoring Amber and Sallie from the start. She felt it was unfair and hoped Yvonne could help her figure something out.


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