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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1407

Carmella was taken aback. Finley's threats didn't work on the director. She didn't know who Heather had called, but that person managed to sort things out with just one phone call.

Of course, the ones who had the most significant reactions were Amber and Sallie.

Sallie was both surprised and angry. "Why? We picked Mr. Gellar from the start, and I was the one who persuaded him to agree. Why change at the last minute?"

Amber protested outright. "We disagree with the change. Director, this is unfair!"

The director was firm. "This is the show team's decision. Even if you disagree, you'll have to accept it. We all need to think about the overall effect of the show. We're pressed for time and can't delay filming!"

Sallie burst into tears, "What overall effect? Did we delay anything? Without my friend Estelle's help, Mr. Gellar wouldn't have agreed to appear. Even if the team is biased, you can't treat us like this!"

"The Gellar family was brought in by the show team, by the director. How did it become your achievement? Without the show team, could you have convinced the Gellar family on your own?" Carmella replied calmly.

Sallie, known for her temper, threw the water bottle in her hand at Carmella's face and tried to hit her.

Carmella was soaked and stepped back in disbelief.

The staff rushed over to hold Sallie back.

Amber ran over, and while they were pulling Sallie away, she sneakily kicked Carmella.

Heather wasn't about to be outdone and reached for Amber's face.

The other stars stood in the distance, watching the drama unfold, not really caring about the casting changes.


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