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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1408

Amber gripped Sallie's hand tightly, "If we don't do this show, we won't get any more gigs. We'll also piss off the director and the TV station."

"So you're just going to roll over? Let them walk all over us?" Sallie spat out angrily.

Amber had cooled down a bit, "That's just how the show biz works. When I first started acting, I put up with way worse than this, but I braved it out. In this industry, whoever's more famous got the best resources. That's the 'rule' the director was talking about."

"I can't accept this!" Sallie choked out.

"Just let it go!" Amber had already accepted the reality, "Whether it's because of Heather's fame or someone's pulling strings behind the scenes, there's nothing we can do. Even though you're rich, you're just an assistant designer at Snowy Studios. Do you know how rare this opportunity was? You know how many people want to be on the show but can't!"

Sallie thought of her promise to Estelle and felt like crying.

If she just up and left the show, that would be the real embarrassment, and it'd make Snowy Studios look bad too!

Estelle got a call from Liam as she was getting ready for work in the afternoon.

"Ella, they changed my partner on the show. What's up with that?" Liam's tone was heavy.

Estelle blinked, "Change? Who'd they change to?"

"They switched to another team. I don't know their names, but the young girl I worked with before is not with me anymore. They said it was the show's decision. I think something's fishy, so I called to ask," explained Liam seriously.

Estelle's eyes went cold, and she calmly said, "Hold on a second, I'll call Sallie to find out."

"Alright, you go ahead, I'm on the show because of you. Whatever the show decides doesn't concern me, I'll work with whoever you want me to," Liam said casually.

Liam's words eased Estelle's mind, and she gratefully said, "Thank you, I'll call you back in a bit."


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