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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1409

Sallie said, "I believe Estelle can pull it off."

Amber didn't want to burst Sallie's bubble, but she also didn't want her to count her chickens before they hatch. "Estelle might pit Mr. Gellar against the production team, even threaten to stop filming. But you got to know, the power behind Heather is no joke. Even if they had to scrap the Gellar family as a selling point, they wouldn't dare to cross the big shots."

If Liam were dead against working with Carmella, they'd spin it as the Gellar family refusing to cooperate and just pair Sallie up with some random tailor.

Heather's end game was to make sure she's not outshone by Sallie and Amber.

And Amber and Sallie? They'll end up on the production team's bad side.

So, Amber wasn't on board with Sallie bringing Estelle into the mix.

If they got on the wrong side of the production team, it would make life in the entertainment world a whole lot tougher for them.

Despite Amber's reservations, Sallie was determined to get Estelle involved. Amber, resigned to the situation, was already preparing how to explain things to the director, trying to limit the damage and prevent the director from thinking they were picking a fight with the entire production team.

After arriving in Moonbrook, Estelle first went to Mr. Gellar's place.

Liam was adamant about not working with Carmella. The production team was trying to negotiate with him, offering various perks, including promoting the Gellar tailor store and bumping up Liam's expenses to a six-figure sum.

But Liam wasn't biting. He had one condition: to meet with Estelle.

Whoever Estelle said to work with, he'll work with!

Just as the director was tearing his hair out, a staff member ran over and said, "The Estelle Mr. Gellar wanted to see is here!"


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