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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1437

Estelle got up to open the door for Norah.

The moment the door opened, Norah’s adorable face appeared. She looked at Estelle teasingly and said, “I didn’t interrupt your little love nest with Jonathan, did I?”

Estelle chuckled softly. “No, come on in!”

Jonathan was already standing tidily in the living room. He smiled lightly and said, “I’m going to catch up with Geoffrey; you two have a chat.”

“Sure!” Estelle nodded.

Before leaving, Jonathan reminded Norah, “Come downstairs when you're done; dinner is about to be ready.”

“I know; don’t worry, I won't eat Estelle.” Norah joked, “Off you go, I’m going to chat with Estelle!”

Jonathan glanced back at Estelle, giving her a reassuring look, then opened the door and left.

Once the door closed, Norah turned to Estelle and laughed, saying, “You two really gave me a shock!”

“Because there were many things I had to keep from you.” Estelle shrugged.

“Stop kidding!” Norah snorted, “I was the one who brought you to the Lamont family, but everyone knew about you and Jonathan before I did!”

She had just found out about Estelle and Jonathan from Janice when she came home from school today, which was quite a surprise.

“I'm sorry!” Estelle said it sincerely.

Norah laughed again. “Why apologize? I was surprised, but I’m also happy; we're family now!”

She pulled Estelle to sit down on the couch, still feeling amazed. “I can’t believe you ended up with Jonathan! Were you two already married when you first came to my house? Did Jonathan know it then?”

“He didn’t.” Estelle shook her head.

Norah was stunned, then burst out laughing, collapsing onto Estelle in fits of laughter.


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