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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1438

"Just call me as you used to; we're classmates after all. This doesn't conflict with me getting married to Jonathan; we all have our own lives," Estelle said seriously.

Norah burst out laughing again.

Just as they were joking around, someone knocked on the door. Norah turned her head and whispered, "It's got to be Henson."

Sure enough, Henson was standing there when the door opened.

"I knew it was you two in here!"

"When did you find out?" Norah asked.

Henson sat down with a proud face and said, "Well, I knew before you did!"

"That's not fair! You knew and didn't tell me!" Norah got angry again.

"What good would it do to tell you?" Henson mocked, "You'd just blabber it out and let everyone know, ruining Jonathan's good thing!"

Norah widened her eyes. "What did I ruin? I wouldn't oppose it; I'd be happy!"

"Jonathan telling you about him and Estelle before the wedding is good enough; be satisfied!" Henson put on a mature and steady look.

Norah was so upset that she was lost for words: "If Jonathan dares to do this to me, I'm not going to his wedding!"

"You may not attend his wedding, but you have to attend Ms. McClain's wedding!"

Estelle watched as Henson and Norah bickered.

"Are you really back together with Jonathan?" Henson suddenly asked Estelle.

"Huh?" Estelle was caught off guard, and her face stiffened.

"You guys had a fight?" Norah immediately turned to look.

Estelle gave an awkward smile and said, "Just a small disagreement; it's all sorted out now."

A few minutes later, Jonathan came in to call everyone down for dinner.


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