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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1452

Estelle walked into Henson's room. He quickly closed his game, took a glance at the time, and grumbled, "Why are you half an hour late? What on earth were you doing on your way here?"

Estelle sighed softly, "This is why I never wanted you to know. You get my dilemma, right?"

"You're already the apple of the family's eye. What dilemma could you possibly have?" Henson asked being puzzled.

"Why don't you try and see?" Estelle asked, raising an eyebrow.

Henson smirked, "Alright then, let's get the class started!"

He opened the book and randomly said, "Next time the school asks for parents to attend, if you go, you can't be pretending to be my parent anymore, right?"

Estelle glanced back at him, “I wouldn't say those previous times were impersonations."

Henson was amused by her confidence, and complained, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? I was on pins and needles!"

"I was too!"

"What were you on edge about?" Henson asked curiously.

"I was afraid that your uncle would find out that I wasn't impersonating, and then I would end up actually impersonating!"

Henson laughed out loud after trying to digest all of what she had said, "So, you care about my uncle that much!"

Estelle sat at the desk, her gaze under the sunlight was resolute yet gentle. She quietly expressed her feelings,

"Of course!"

After the class, Estelle went to find Janice to assure her that Norah's tears weren't because of a breakup, but due to some work stuff.

Janice was relieved as she said, "I thought she was crying over a breakup, that really had me worried for a moment."

"Don't worry. If anything happens to Norah, I'll certainly let you know."


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