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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1453

"We are here for the barbecue, duh!" Estelle replied with a grin.

"Welcome, welcome!" Damian said, then turned to Norah. He wasn't as chummy as usual in front of Jonathan, just smiled and said, "I was wondering where you were today. Didn't expect you to be hanging out with Ms. Macclain."

Norah smiled slightly, wanting to ask Damian, didn't Xavier tell him that he was paying her?

But she swallowed the question and kept silent.

Damian led them to a table, "You guys sit tight, I'm going to go chat with the boss in the kitchen."

"I'll come with you," Estelle said.

The rest of the people in the restaurant came over to greet Norah. Jonathan smiled and said, "You seem to be doing very well here!"

Norah felt a little uneasy, "Uncle, they are all very loyal and full of brotherhood. Even if they made mistakes in the past, it was often due to misunderstandings or desperation."

Knowing that Xavier was a friend of Estelle's, Jonathan trusted his character and didn't stop Norah from helping out in the barbecue restaurant. And in the last two years, Xavier did take good care of Norah.

Jonathan nodded and continued, "As long as you can handle these relationships, that's fine with me."

"Don't you worry, they're all friends, they treat me like a little sister," Norah was full of excitement when she was talking about the people in the restaurant.

Estelle walked into the kitchen, immediately spotting the woman standing at the counter.

She was wearing a white chiffon top and an ultra-short denim skirt. From behind, she looked petite with a slim waist and long legs.

Zachary was seasoning the meat, and that woman was standing right next to him, preparing a plate of fruit for him. She picked up a piece of watermelon with a fruit fork and sweetly said, "Zachary, have a piece of watermelon!"

Zachary took the watermelon, smiling happily.

The woman then prepared to feed Xavier a piece of watermelon. She bent slightly, her top's neckline slipped down, and she slightly lifted her leg, her voice becoming even sweeter, "Mr. Flemmings, have a piece of watermelon!"


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