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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1454

Estelle caught Luisa's drift and didn't add anything more.

Xavier asked Estelle, "Where's Norah?"

"She's outside," Estelle paused for a moment before adding honestly, "And Jonathan came with me."

Xavier gave her a quick glance and headed for the backyard, "Come with me."

Estelle trailed behind him.

Luisa watched their retreating figures and whispered to Zachary, "Do you think Xavier is into Estelle?"

Zachary chuckled, "We all dig Ms. Macclain."

Luisa seemed a bit upset as she retorted, "Well, of course, she's prettier than me."

Zachary was quick to explain, "I didn't mean it that way, Estelle has been a big help to us. We wouldn't have survived in J City without her. We all consider Ms. Macclain a friend."

Luisa huffed, "So who do you think is prettier, me or Estelle?"

Zachary grinned, "You're gorgeous, definitely you."

Luisa smiled contentedly, her gaze shifted towards the backyard, but the view was obstructed by the shadows of the trees.

Meanwhile in the backyard,

Xavier gestured to Estelle to take a seat as he inquired, "When did you and Jonathan get back together?"

"It's been a while," Estelle replied honestly.

Xavier frowned at her without saying anything, but his expression said it all.

Estelle glanced at a cat in the corner, she moved closer to the wall, trying to hide from its view.

Once she felt safe, she began, "Xavier, I owe my sight to Jonathan."


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