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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1455

Luisa turned to Xavier and expressed her concern, "It's kind of hot out today, you guys can move the chat inside."

"Nah, it's even hotter in there!" Xavier replied with a relaxed smile.

Luisa chuckled softly, "Well, chat here then, my laundry's dry, gotta go pick it up!"

As Luisa walked towards the clothesline and picked up Zachary's clothes, she turned back and laughed, "Mr. Flemmings, I've picked up yours and Cameron's clothes too."

"No need, just leave them there!" Xavier replied.

"You're being formal with me?" Luisa squinted her delicate eyes, her lips curving into a charming smile.

Then, Luisa walked away with a pile of clothes.

Estelle watched Luisa's seductive figure and asked Xavier, "Is Luisa really dating Zachary?"

Xavier nodded, "Yes, they've been together for almost two months."

"Don't you think Luisa's a bit too friendly?" Estelle bit her lip, feeling uneasy.

"What are you trying to say?" Xavier asked, "Norah's friendly too, she gets along well with both Damian and Zachary, why aren't you suspicious about her behavior? Don't judge people with prejudice."

Estelle firmly stated, "Don't underestimate a woman's intuition!"

"You're overthinking!" Xavier said nonchalantly, "Zachary and Luisa are crazy about each other, they're planning to meet each other's parents next month, let Norah know not to stir things up!"

"No matter how Luisa and Zachary's relationship is, she shouldn't have plucked the flowers Norah worked so hard to grow. You scolded Norah because of Luisa. What do you expect Norah to think?" Estelle said calmly, "Norah's upset, and you let Damian dock her pay, aren't you adding fuel to the fire?"

Xavier took a drag from his cigarette and said, "I'm not mad at her, I know she feels wronged, but I couldn't take sides with her in front of Zachary. She said she wasn’t coming today. I thought, if she doesn't want to come, then she doesn’t need to. She's about to graduate, she won't have time to come here once she starts working anyway, her quitting is inevitable!"

"You shouldn't let her quit when she's angry!"

Xavier stubbed out his cigarette, thought for a moment, and said, "I didn't factor in her feelings, tell her not to be mad."


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