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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1456

"Alright, whatever. Do it whenever you want. I don't give a hoot!" Xavier sighed.

"Quit your sighing. You sound like an old man!" Norah shot him a look, her face lighting up.

Just then, Jonathan walked in. Spotting Xavier, he greeted him calmly, "Long time no see!"

"Mr. Lamont, take a seat!" Xavier chuckled, "Thought we'd never cross paths again."

Norah tugged at Xavier's sleeve, hinting at him to lay off Jonathan.

Jonathan, as always, had an unreadable, cool gaze, as he said, "Once Ella and I tie the knot, of course, you'll be invited. How could we never meet again?"

Xavier laughed and poured two drinks, handing one to Jonathan as he wished for their happy future, "Cheers to that. Let's bury the hatchet and hope you treat Estella right."

"Sure thing!" Jonathan clinked glasses with Xavier and downed his drink.

Turning to Xavier, Norah gave him a thumbs up, whispering, "Mr. Flemmings, you're a class act!"

Noticing Norah's gesture, Jonathan smiled, "Norah is also here to be under your guidance!"

"From Estelle's point of view, Norah is like my niece. We're all family here, no need for the formalities," Xavier said heartily.

"Pfft!" Norah spat out her soda, quickly turning away to wipe her face.

"Why did my words bring out such a big reaction?" Xavier laughed, "I didn't say anything wrong, did I?"

Blushing from embarrassment, Norah mumbled, "Nah, it's just you suddenly demoted me a generation. It was unexpected to say the least."

So, that was what he meant by family!

Jonathan looked around, "Where's Ella?"


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