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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1457

Estelle sniffed the clothes again, the perfume was strong, no way it just got there by accident, Luisa must have sprayed her perfume on Xavier's clothes on purpose.

Norah's gut feeling was right, the guy Luisa was trying to get close to was Xavier.

She seized the opportunity to get close to Xavier while pretending to help Zachary with his work. She was very careful, not leaving any evidence behind.

Like the perfume on the clothes, if confronted, she'd definitely play innocent and claim that it got there by accident. Then, she'd pull out clothes from Zachary or Damian and make them smell the perfume on them too.

What a cunning chick!

Estelle hung the clothes out on the balcony, then went downstairs. As she passed by the kitchen, she glanced inside. There was Luisa, all cozy and chatty with Zachary like they were a couple.

Estelle kept silent and went straight to the lobby to find Jonathan.

Jonathan was having a drink with Xavier, the atmosphere was more harmonious than she expected. She felt relieved.

Seeing Estelle, Jonathan pulled her hand to sit by his side, handed her the cutlery, poured water, took care of her in every possible way.

Norah knew that Jonathan had a thing for Estelle, but she didn't expect him to be that smitten. She couldn't help but laugh as she said, "I need to find myself a boyfriend like Jonathan."

Xavier suddenly asked, being curious, "Wasn't that guy who came to eat here last weekend trying to hit on you?"

"A guy was hitting on you here?" Estelle asked curiously.

Norah was a bit embarrassed as she expressed her feelings, "I don't like him."

Xavier said, "I think he's quite cool, handsome and polite, seems to come from a good family."

"What's his name?" Jonathan asked, trying to get into the conversation.

Norah said, "It's Adrian Chambers, you should know!"


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