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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1942

Lambert approached Alvis with Estelle's wrist in his grasp, introducing himself with a warm grin, "I’m Lambert Brennan, a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Alvis!"

The man behind the golden fox mask glanced at their interlocked hands, his eyes cooling for a moment as he fixed his gaze on Lambert. "The pleasure is mine," he said in a voice deep and misty, like a whisper of fog over a chilly lake. It was enigmatic, emotionless, yet somehow conveyed a hint of displeasure.

Only when Alvis's scrutinizing eyes shifted toward her did Estelle realize she was still being held by Lambert. She quickly pulled away, standing straight as an arrow.

She was as nervous as a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar!

After introductions were made, the group, including Alvis and his companion, made their way into the grand Zion estate.

Raiden had arranged a lavish dinner in the banquet hall, and once inside the castle, everyone got into cars and headed for the hall.

Estelle and Lambert shared a ride, and as soon as they were seated, Lambert mused with a sly chuckle, "Didn't expect Alvis to be so young, and fit too. Makes me wonder, is he as handsome as me?"

Estelle wasn't in the mood for small talk. She stared out the window, her mind in turmoil.

Jonathan was Alvis? The revelation was shocking, almost inconceivable!

She had only known him by his mercenary moniker.

The look Jonathan had given her was a mix of stern anger and reassurance, but notably devoid of surprise. Did he know she would be here? Was he looking for her?

The woman at his side seemed familiar, but Estelle couldn't quite place her.

"What's on your mind?" Lambert asked with a hint of surprise, "Don't worry, Alvis is nothing like Raiden. I'll keep you safe."

Estelle turned to him, "What's Alvis doing here?"

"He seems interested in the new energy project too."


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