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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Please Cooperate with Our Work

Class 18 made significant progress in their studies in the following two days, and the students became more enthusiastic about learning.

Those who used to skip classes now didn't even want to take breaks after class. Everyone was diligently studying with their books in hand.

Professor Booth was pleased to see their progress. Teaching Class 18 was challenging, but now he felt accomplished.

A group of once mediocre and spoiled students rapidly progressed under his education. Who wouldn't be happy?

Gianna was also busy these two days, personally following up on the progress of Class 18. Although she wasn't responsible for teaching, she had many other things to handle.

Most importantly, she had to teach Natalya.

Natalya lagged a lot behind other students, so Gianna had to teach her from scratch.

Fortunately, Natalya was smart. She could remember everything taught to her after just one time. Previously, no one had been there to guide her, but if someone had, her academic performance would have been excellent.

On Friday, the school held a general assembly for all teachers and students.

At the beginning of each semester, the school would hold a general assembly, which was supposed to be on Monday. However, it was postponed to Friday because Class 18 got a new homeroom teacher, and Professor Booth had arrived.

The general assembly consisted of speeches by the principal and some outstanding teachers.

Randall asked Gianna to give a speech, but she declined the request.

During the middle of the general assembly, several individuals in uniforms walked in. One of them told Randall, "Sorry to interrupt, but we received a report that one of your teachers forged her diploma. We need to bring this teacher back with us for investigation!"

Randall was taken aback momentarily, then stood up and said, "Are you sure there's no mistake? Our teachers go through the normal hiring process, and relevant authorities have verified their certifications. How could there be any forgery?"

"The reported individual is the newly hired teacher, Gianna!" the staff member said. "May I ask who Gianna is?"

"I am." Gianna, who was sitting with Class 18 students, stood up calmly.

"Please provide your diploma for us to verify its authenticity," the staff member said matter-of-factly.

As soon as this was said, discussions broke out among the teachers and students.

"Ms. Geller's diploma is fake? That takes some nerve. How could she dare to forge a diploma?"

"I heard that Ms. Geller has an improper relationship with Randall. He recruited her, so maybe he was involved in this forgery too."

"Oh my, this is too scandalous. Randall seemed like a kind person on the surface, but I never expected such sordid things to happen behind closed doors."

Gianna listened to everyone's discussions, and her face darkened.

Randall's face turned as black as coal.

When those parents caused a scene, he asked Gianna to bring her diploma for registration. He thought everything would go smoothly and didn't expect the relevant authorities to come to the school-wide general assembly to verify Gianna's diploma.

Registering the diploma of every teacher was just a formality, but he kept Gianna's private. Doing so would only make Gianna stand out even more.

Gianna didn't like trouble, and he naturally wanted to spare her from it.

But now, the relevant authorities came specifically during the general assembly, making it known to all teachers and students that Gianna's diploma was fake. Someone was unwilling to let it go and believed Gianna had gotten the job through connections.

As soon as Randall thought about this, he was furious.

He was about to speak when Gianna told the staff member, "Before you investigate me, have you checked my information in your system?"

The staff member hesitated momentarily, then said, "We came as soon as we received the report. Please cooperate with us and provide your diploma."

"How interesting!" Gianna said casually, her hands in her pockets. "You received a report without verifying its authenticity first, and yet you want to verify my diploma before anything else?"

A hint of unease flashed in the staff member's eyes, but he maintained his official tone and said, "We are following the regulations. Please cooperate."

"How would you like me to cooperate?" Gianna asked coldly.


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