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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 71

Chapter 71 The Truth

Before Barr had a chance to explain, the person on the other end of the phone abruptly hung up.

Confusion filled his face as he looked at his phone. Turning to Gianna, he found her expression to be cold and indifferent, leaving him unsure of what to say.

Within moments, the other staff members who were with Barr also received phone calls, and their expressions instantly changed.

One person approached Gianna and said, "We sincerely apologize, Ms. Geller. It was our mistake to misunderstand you without conducting a thorough investigation. We recently confirmed with the bureau that your graduation certificate information is authentic. We deeply regret any inconvenience caused and genuinely apologize for our actions."

Gianna maintained a cold gaze toward them, choosing to remain silent.

Feeling a wave of nervousness, the staff members feared that Gianna would hold them accountable. They hastily apologized, "Ms. Geller, we deeply apologize. We were unaware that Barr had neglected to verify your information in the system. Barr has been terminated from his position. To compensate for the inconvenience caused, we will offer you appropriate compensation. Please forgive us for this mistake."

These staff members had no knowledge of Barr failing to verify Gianna's graduation certificate information in the system.

They were all occupied with their own tasks when Barr unexpectedly approached them, claiming to investigate a case of forged graduation certificates. Being of higher rank, Barr's instructions were naturally followed.

Before departing, they even specifically asked Barr if he had verified the information in the system, to which he confirmed that he had done so. No one could have anticipated that Barr had not checked at all.

At that moment, the staff members felt an overwhelming urge to confront Barr and vent their frustrations on him. They couldn't fathom why he had put them in such a predicament.

Before Gianna could utter a word, Professor Booth walked up, emitting a disdainful snort. "Do you think an apology can compensate for your mistakes? Your actions have disrupted the school meeting, unjustly accused my student without evidence, and inflicted significant harm upon her. We do not accept your apology. We will involve lawyers to handle this matter."

With an expressionless glance at Barr, Professor Booth continued, "Such a grave error in your work demands more than just termination. I will have our lawyers thoroughly investigate if he has been involved in any other misconduct."

The staff members felt helpless but understood that Gianna and her team were seething with anger. It would not be wise to persist in speaking further.

Furthermore, since the issue was caused by Barr, they still needed to explain the situation to the superintendent. Thus, they left there alongside Barr.

After they left, Lloyd, sitting in his wheelchair at the back of the classroom, tapped his fingers on the armrest and softly instructed, "Murray, make arrangements for someone to handle it."

"Alright," Murray responded, retrieving his phone to make the necessary calls.

Gianna leaned back in her chair as the students and teachers behind her resumed their discussions.

"What happened? Why did those people leave?"

"I just overheard them talk. It seems that Ms. Geller's graduation certificate is indeed genuine."

Due to the distance between them and the audience, the crowd had difficulty hearing Barr and Gianna's conversation.

The principal stood up to the microphone as the students were discussing and announced, "As everyone knows, I have found a new homeroom teacher for Class 18, Ms. Geller. To make sure that everything goes well with Class 18, Gianna has been using Professor Booth's teaching staff. However, many people held grudges against her, thinking she worked there because she pulled some strings.

After pausing for a moment, Randall continued, "Today, I will display Gianna's graduation certificate on the big screen for everyone to see. Look at her carefully and decide for yourselves if she's qualified to be your teacher."

The principal then projected a backup copy of Gianna's diploma onto the screen, which the school kept.

Since few people were aware of Gianna's two doctorates, the certificate came as a surprise.

Randall's voice resounded at the same time: "At the age of ten, Gianna skipped multiple grades. She took the SAT for the first time when she was fourteen and received the highest score in the country. She completed her doctoral studies at the young age of sixteen. Does she still have to pull some strings to get into the teaching profession with that kind of history?

"Oh my god! Gianna is incredible! She was the top performer in the country at age 14 and had a Ph.D. by age 16. I mean, she's a genius!"

"It's amazing how lucky Class 18 is! They will undoubtedly do well on this year's SAT exams with such a remarkable teacher, right?"

The students in Class 18 were the most shocked.


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