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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Save A Life

The school was closed for the weekend.

Gianna had not planned on giving Class 18 a day off, but they had exceeded her expectations so much that she made an exception.

Sherman intended to take Laney to Nash's house on his day off.

Laney mentioned something happened to her family but did not elaborate. She asked Gianna to watch Calvin because she knew it would be inconvenient to bring him along.

Laney had already prepared breakfast and lunch for them ahead of time, so Gianna only needed to warm them up.

Gianna didn't have much experience with children. Usually, when Sherman or others were at home, she occasionally played with Calvin.

The little boy lost interest in playing with toys after half an hour. "I'm bored of playing with toys," Calvin expressed.

"Well, what would you like to do then?" Gianna, who didn't have a joyful childhood herself, was unsure of what activities children his age would enjoy.

Calvin ducked his head, too nervous to make a request.

Despite Gianna being kind and gentle with him, he was still scared of her, although he couldn't understand why. He worried Gianna would get mad at him if he made too many demands.

Plus, his mother had told him never to upset Gianna and to always listen to her.

"Are you scared of me?" Gianna sat beside him and gently patted his head, trying to speak softly.

"No, I'm not scared of you!" Hesitately, Calvin answered, torn between telling the truth and protecting Gianna's feelings.

The boy seemed confused, and Gianna picked up on that. She rubbed her temples and sighed, wondering if she genuinely appeared intimidating.

Whenever she spoke to Calvin, she made an effort to speak softly. To her surprise, he found her scary.

Gianna sighed and calmly told Calvin, "I have a good temper and won't get angry with you. Please don't be so nervous around me. Tell me what you want to do, and I'll probably go along with it unless it's completely ridiculous."

Calvin looked up at Gianna, blinking his eyes, and after pondering for a moment, he cautiously asked, "Can we go to the amusement park? My mom and dad promised we would go long ago, but we never went."

"Sure," Gianna agreed.

"Really? Are you really going to take me to the amusement park?" Calvin couldn't believe that Gianna agreed so readily, so his eyes brightened with joy.

Gianna smiled and patted his head. "Yes. Go change your clothes quickly."

"Thank you!"

Calvin stood on the couch to kiss Gianna before rushing off to his room to change clothes because he was too short to reach her on the floor.

It took a while for Gianna to calm down after that unexpected kiss. She realized that Calvin was the first man she had ever kissed in her entire life.

Gianna and Calvin quickly changed into their outfit before hailing a taxi to the amusement park.

Gianna's phone rang on her way out.

It was Taryn calling her.

"Gianna, aren't you at your house? I'm here to visit you," Taryn said.

This caught Gianna off guard. "Wait, you're at my house?"

"Yes, Lloyd, Irvin, Murray and I are all waiting at your doorstep. We've been knocking for a while. Where have you been, Gianna?" Taryn asked.

Gianna was speechless. Taryn's persistent presence seemed overwhelming, and she even felt like he was everywhere.


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