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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 73

Chapter 73: You Need to Charge for Treatment

Outside the crowd, Lloyd, Irvin and others were somewhat shocked as they watched this scene.

They knew that Gianna's medical skills were powerful, but they didn't expect them to be so powerful that they could heal the dead alive.

"I didn't expect there to be anyone in this world who is more skilled in medicine than my Miss. Mr. Finley, Ms. Geller is so amazing. I have to congratulate you on your fortune-does for marrying her." Irvin was a little excited.

Who could live all his life without getting sick?

Especially people like them, who live on the edge of a knife, may one day be ambushed by someone.

Having someone with such great medical skills by his side was equivalent to earning half more of his life.

Lloyd nodded and said, "It's my luck."

Gianna put away her acupuncture bag and said to the lady, "Brenna's life is not in danger for the time being, but you'd better take her to the hospital for a comprehensive examination."

She just checked for Brenna and there were many problems with her. She had saved Brenna's life, but the rest were minor problems. After the hospital check, there would be no big deal if she persist in taking medication.

"Thank you, I'm really grateful." The lady was very grateful to Gianna. "Miss, could you tell me how may I address you and where do you live? So that I can repay you in the future."

"There is no need to repay me."

After Gianna finished speaking, she held Calvin's hand and was about to leave, only to find someone shooting her with a mobile phone.

The other party was a teenager in his twenties.

Gianna walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder. "Friend, if you shoot and post me on social media without my permission, I will hold you accountable!"

Upon hearing this, the young man hurriedly said, "Miss, you have saved someone. If you are posted on social media, you will be popular. Don't you want to be celebrity?"

"I don't want to!" Gianna said lightly, "Delete it."

The young man wanted to say something else but he suddenly realized that Gianna had taken his phone and then operated, then the video disappeared.

"Hey, you..."

Before the young man could speak, Gianna had already left.

Gianna emerged from the crowd and saw Lloyd and others at a glance.

Taryn quickly ran over and hugged her leg, "Hi, Gianna."

The little girl was short, and every time she wanted to hug Gianna, she could only hug her leg.

Gianna touched her head and smiled, "When did you come?"

"I've been here since you saved people," Gianna had just left when they arrived at the Fallingwater Community.

Moreover, they drove their own cars at a faster speed, so almost minutes after Gianna arrived, they also arrived.

Because it was difficult to park ahead, they planned to park their car near here and happened to see Gianna.

Gianna didn't notice them, "Let's go."

Taryn greeted Calvin next to Gianna, "Hi, Calvin."

Calvin smiled at her and said, "Hi, Taryn."

Calvin was only two months older than Taryn, but every time Taryn saw him, she would address him brother.

Except for Lloyd who sat in a wheelchair and was pushed by Murray, the rest of them walked.

Thinking of the scene where Gianna was just saving someone, Irvin asked, "Gia... Ms. Geller, who did you learn your medical skills from? It's quite impressive!"

He originally planned to call her Gia, but then thought that Gianna didn't seem to like such a name very much, so he changed his thought.

"I taught myself!" Gianna had no expression on her face, but her tone carried a hint of arrogance.

If we need your treatment in the future, can you help us? "Irvin asked.

Gianna glanced at him and replied, "Sure, you should pay for it."

"Of course I'll pay for it!"

Irvin remembered something and suddenly asked, "But last time you saved Taryn and today you'd just saved that old lady, why didn't you charge them?"

"I'm happy and willing to do it that way. Do you have any objections?" He was really dumb. It was already good enough for her not to make him trouble, but he dared to question her.

He should be clear about why she charge him for money instead of others.


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