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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 74

Chapter 74 She's My Mom

Ellen furrowed her brows when she heard Alisa say this, and was eager to drive her out.

But thinking that Taryn's disfigurement was so severe that Alisa had been cured, she could only endure it.

"Sorry, Ms. Geller. Since her disfigurement, Lilian has always felt herself inferior that she refuses to be seen. Please wait a moment and I will persuade her."

Alisa nodded, her expression becoming increasingly impatient.

This room had never had a window open, so there was a smell inside. This made very uncomfortable. If hadn't been for the thought that Ellen would be helpful to her in the future, she would have turned around and left immediately.

Ellen walked up to Lilian and said softly, "Lilian, Ms. Geller has excellent medical skills. As you know, the condition of the Miss of the Finley family is even worse than yours, but Ms. Geller had cured her. You can have her cure your illness. In the future, you can walk out of the door with confidence."

Lilian still buried her head between her legs and didn't speak.

"You have been taking a leave of absence for six months. You said you want to study in the college. If you continue to take a leave of absence, you won't be able to enter a college despite taking the SAT this year."

At the mention of this, Lilian was finally moved. She looked up and there were some ferocious scars on her face, but her eyes were filled with tears. "However, I'm already behind the schedule, and even if I participate in the SAT, I will not be able to enter any college."

"You were in the top ten of the grade every year. I will find some excellent In-home tutoring to make up lessons for you. With your intelligence, you can definitely pass the exam." Ellen was very patient to persuade her.

Lilian hesitated.

Alisa was out of patience for the waiting, "Ms. Judd, Miss. Pyne, let's reschedule. I'm currently very nervous about my studies and can't afford to waste my time."

Ellen frowned, but thought of Alisa's skills, she could only speak kindly and respectfully, "Could you please wait a little longer..."

Before she could finish speaking, Lilian stood up and walked up to Alisa . She whispered, "I'm sorry Ms. Geller, I've kept you waiting for so long. Could you please treat me?"

Only then did Alisa see Lilian's face, which was covered in scars and was so ugly.

She subconsciously showed a look of disgust, but Lilian caught it.

The courage Lilian had finally mustered disappeared a bit.

"You sit down first and I'll take your pulse." Said Alisa with a high and proud attitude.

Lilian obediently followed suit.

After feeling the pulse for Lilian, Alisa said, "This disease can be cured. I'll write a prescription for you. Take the medicine according to my prescription for three consecutive days. After three days, I'll come over and check again."

Upon hearing this, Ellen excitedly asked, "Are you serious? Can Lilian's face still be the same as before?"

"Yes," Alisa replied, "but you must take the medicine according to my prescription. First, clear the hot toxins in your body, and then I will apply my ointment to her."

"Thank you, thank you very much. As long as I can cure Lilian's illness, I will offer a generous gift of gratitude." Ellen was extremely excited.

Alisa made a few polite remarks, prescribed a prescription and left.

Ellen immediately sent someone to fetch the medicine.

But Lilian always feeling strange uneasy deep down.

She took Ellen's hand and whispered, "Mom, can I skip taking medicine? Ms. Geller... I don't believe her."

"Lilian, you can trust Ms. Geller's medical skills. That day at the Geller's villa banquet, I personally heard everyone discussing her healing of Taryn . There can be no mistake."

Seeing her say so, Lilian had to nod.

In the amusement Park.

Calvin and Taryn had a great time playing together.

Calvin used to be bullied by the first and the second brand of the Geller's family when he lived in the Geller's villa and thus developed a timid and cowardly temper. Laney had little right to speak in the Geller's family, so Sherman was also bullied and he almost never came to the amusement park.

The only time he came was to accompany Chace's son, Ronan, and at that time, Sherman only served as a foil.


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