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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 75

Chapter 75 I'm Not Interested in Women 

Gianna's mouth twitched. 

What kind of twisted love story was this? 

She casually saved someone and it turned out to be Natalya's grandmother. 

Natalya looked bewildered as she stared at Vanessa, "Mom, what exactly is going on?" 

Vanessa then explained the whole story to her, "We just got off the plane today, and your grandmother said you liked the pastries from Crystal Dessert and wanted to bring some back for you. It was difficult to find parking there, so your father and the driver waited for us in the parking lot while I accompanied your grandmother to buy them." 

"However, after we bought the pastries, your grandmother suddenly fainted. We only had some cash with us and left our phones in the car. I was extremely worried at that time, but Ms. Geller offered her help, and that's how your grandmother is fine now." 

Upon hearing this, Natalya looked at Gianna with gratitude, "Gia, you are our lifesaver! How can I thank you? Or...should I offer myself to you as a token of appreciation?" 

Gianna replied, "...I'm not interested in women." 

Natalya smiled and hooked her arm around Gianna's neck, "I'm not interested in women either, but I am interested in you. How about considering accepting me?" 

Gianna patted her forehead. "I'm afraid my mom will come out of her grave to hold me accountable!" 

Natalya laughed a couple of times and stopped joking. 

Gianna then returned to the main topic, "Who do you want me to treat?" 

"My grandmother," Natalya replied. 

Gianna was taken aback, "After I performed acupuncture on your grandmother, she had no further issues. She only needs a general check-up, and if there are any problems, she can take medicine." 

"Oh, you don't know the situation!" Natalya explained, "After you saved my grandmother, my parents immediately took her to the hospital for a check-up. This hospital was the closest one, but it's a private hospital. As soon as we arrived, the doctor immediately admitted her and scheduled a series of examinations. It has already been a few hours, and the earliest available appointment for the examinations is the day after tomorrow." 

Natalya sounded somewhat annoyed as she continued, "Money is not the issue here. The main problem is that the doctor said my grandmother's condition is serious, which has scared us. We don't dare to transfer her to another hospital easily, so I thought of you. Gia, please help me check on my grandmother. Is she really alright?" 

Gianna felt speechless. 

She thought she was lacking in medical ethics because she charged high fees, but there were actually people with even less medical ethics than her. 

Without even doing any examinations, they immediately arranged for hospitalization. 

"Alright, I'll go to take a look." 

They opened the door to the hospital room, and Old Mrs. Levine looked quite energetic. 

Seeing Gianna, she immediately tried to get up, "Oh, isn't this the young girl who saved me? Help me up, I owe you a thank you." 

Vanessa hurriedly went to assist her, while Gianna sat beside her bed and held her down, "Grandmother, no need to be so polite. Just lie down first, and let me check your pulse." 

When Old Mrs. Levine heard this, she obediently lay back down. 

Gianna checked her pulse, and after a moment, she said, "I treated your previous condition with acupuncture, so there won't be a recurrence. However, due to your old age, there are some minor health issues, but nothing serious. There's no need for hospitalization." 

"I knew it!" Old Mrs. Levine angrily exclaimed, "Those are a bunch of quack doctors who only care about swindling money." 

Gianna kept silent and then took out two pills for her, "I have two pills here. After taking them, your minor health issues won't bother you anymore." 

"But...aren't they expensive?" Old Mrs. Levine had lived for most of her life and had seen a lot. 

Just Gianna's acupuncture skill alone was something that many famous doctors couldn't match. It wasn't easy to hire her even if you were to pay extravagantly for her. 

With such a powerful medical skill, the pills she had must be quite expensive. 


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