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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1303

Brennen abruptly changed the topic, "You are not afraid of me. 'cause Marcus is still breathing? How's he doing? How much longer can he hang on?"

Dylan's eyes grew cold and dangerous at the mention of Marcus' life and death, "Don't you already know his situation?"

Hearing this, Brennen burst into laughter, "So he's not dead yet, huh? But I bet he's knocking on death's door. That's why you guys are so desperate to send me to hell with him."

Dylan shot back, "The one going to hell is you."

Brennen smirked at Dylan, "Do you really think it matters if we go to heaven or hell after we die?"

Dylan was boiling with rage.

Brennen continued, "What really counts is how we live. I bet the pain is unbearable. I'd love to see how Marcus' insides are slowly eaten away by the drugs."

At this point, Dylan was seething, but he managed to keep his cool, "Whatever you did to President Hartley, I'll do the same to your lover and your illegitimate son."

Hearing this, Brennen shot up, about to hit Dylan, "If you dare harm them, I swear I'll kill you."

Dylan easily caught Brennen's hand. With a little bit of force, he broke Brennen's bone, "President Hartley was merciful. For him, just dealing with you was enough. But I'm not that nice. The way you mess with him, I'll make sure to do the same to your lover and son."

Brennen yelled, "You wouldn't dare!!!"

Dylan pulled out his phone and played a video, "Watch me."


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